Marriage with Many?

Marriage with 1
Relation with Many..
Hurts 1
Confuses Many

Marriage with 2
Relation with 2
Spaces Many

Marriage with 4
Relation with none
Hurts 1 who marries 4

Moral of the story
More you are eager to marry more
you are loosing part of you all the more
and one day you will loose your mind and heart both

So decide if you wish to be one of harassed husband or wife
in a circus of multiple genders vying attention of only one…

As John wakes up, he realizes he has already made up a mind to be single or if not single, be devoted to only 1 as he feels handling l is enough.. .. I guess he feels he can love many.. but from distance.. but handling 1 is only safe from near.

So dear Entrepreneur.. understand dynamics of entrepreneurship very well.. you are getting into multiple marriages. but be a hard negotiator to choose your spouse.. and if you do not have that privilege too.. you are heading for a disaster..

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