Education – ROI

Pears is an education reformist who feels very strongly for open school learning. Her husband is a social worker focused on health initiatives.. She is invited to an international school conference as a speaker…

Pears ‘dear all.. how many of you feel what you learnt was useful to you in life’

There is a silence.. and few spontaneous hand raised

Pears ‘wow.. still confusion in minds.. if indeed what you learnt got ever applicable.’

Pears ‘how many did not like to go to school at all’

Now she sees more hands.. many… and all begin giggling..

Pears ‘so do all agree education systems need to change globally’

All respond yes with a big clap…

Pears gets a call from her husband..

Pears ‘sorry.. just have to pick up a call’

Her husband Jerry informs her that he just got a call from CM and CM has seen this live conference and CM wants to ensure Pears tone her speech as most of schools are run by political associations.. they need kids to be in school. else have threatened to abort Jerry’s projects

Pears ‘oh I see’

She returns back to stage

Pears ‘dear all.. how many of you feel.. education really does not schools too”

Now there is mixed responses…

Pears ‘community halls is fine for get together’

All agree

Pears ‘one of the challenges in world is that we introduce new learnings, market driven, brand driven.. sometimes we propogate books of some authors, publishers only because of a revenue model.. but what we forget is that the kid just needs simple education and useful relevant education’

All clap their hands

Pears ‘I need to be politically correct and inform you that kids need to go to school.. they need to.. but if talent exists, without schooling too a kid will grow provided parents have guts to train the kids in their specialized skillsets’

Pears ‘Am going to open an education project.. a startup which will only teach kids their interesting topics and set own certification standard’

One of the delegate ‘it will be unrecognized’

Pears ‘guaranteed job even before joining my startup’

Another delegate ‘what will be return on investment.. what fees’

Pears ‘only US$100 per month.. and US$20 saved in kid’s account

Pears ’20x12monthsx 10 years = 2400US$ .. add interests.. US$5000 returned back to kid after 10th standard

Pears ‘100x12monthx10years = 12000 spent on education and 5000 returned back or may be even more.. as the kid will start a venture when in 1st year of collegge’

All clap

Pears ‘how many willing to take risk and put kids in my school’

All silent

Pears ‘this is the problem of our society.. we keep talking entrepreneurship, startups and what not.. but no individual dares to take risks.. the VC/Angel Investors are most insecure and follow herd mentality and imitate but genuine ones to exist.. who are willing to invest on disruption.. and unfortunately Angels are confused and either they invest on products or on services which they feel will sell because it sells in US and then the crash.. and no one wishes to experiment… so dear teachers, participants.. wake up and strive on balance.. we need to give politicians a direct fee for schools.. not as donation.. but fee for letting them guarantee a job atleast’

After the conference

Pears gets call from politician ‘We decided to not stop your husband’s project.. how much you feel we can make out of this whole business of ROI..’

Pears ‘Add the number of schools and students and x it by 20$’

Politician ‘1000 schools x 100 students x 20$ per months = 2000000US$.. you are amazing Pears.. am game for it…’

Pears ‘you guys think only of money.. hence I decided to teach all of you Money business in a better way.. rather then hoarding.. please distribute it back in various ways and let teachers also grow..let them earn more money too’

Politician ‘done…’

Pears ‘will meet you for next steps’

Pears gets call from her husband

‘Hey politician is very happy with my work.. giving me another grant’

Pears smiles and thinks in her mind ‘Social Entrepreneurship is order of day.. grants too will come but very important to show ROI’

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