Amit is a winner all the way and always been a topper in his school and college.. and unfortunately for him, one day he looses both his legs in an accident.. and his one hand too damaged…

Amit ‘Doctor… never knew life could turn this way.. Am in best of hospital in Chicago.. my parents have put me in best of schools.. and now in US.. met with this fate’

Doctor ‘cheer up.. take life as it comes.. crippling is limiting.. but understand that god gave you the power to think and act’

Amit is silent..

Amit is reading a news paper..

His mom Swati and father Bob is besides him…

Amit ‘Mom.. both of you are so supportive.. but I have been always too ambitious.. so.. am thinking next what’

Bob ‘Son.. we are there to support you”

Amit ‘I want to have list of all handicapped individuals in world..’

Bob ‘done.. we can get that.. there are multiple associations’

Bob ‘why?’

Amit ‘Why not start an incubator program for handicaps… we invest in their brain to think’

Bob ‘you are brave.. others loose their self esteem so .. not sure’

Amit ‘am sure.. they can talk… so let us have them become story narrators.. and we tie each with different sector’

Bob ‘not a bad idea’

Amit ‘Amit means non perishable.. and I guess.. our voice will be heard.. as content, stories, technical training contents and so on’

Bob hugs Amit

Swati ‘enough now.. take rest’

Amit ‘god at times challenges us.. let us accept them gracefully and do what we feel will be in best interest of self and society.. Never leave hope’

Bob ‘Am amazed by your optimism’

Amit ‘if readers here feel they are a bit low.. cheer up, Amit requests all to be part of PASSIONIT movement.. PASSION is all about pain and endurance to give a product.. be it baby 🙂 or be it startup 🙂 or be it Love:) or be it Accident too :)’

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