Business or Value?

Duff has a penchant for collecting precious stones. He is in Turkey on his usual quest to search stones…

He meets Gary an Investor in a coffee shop..

Duff ‘came on a pleasure trip?’

Gary ‘Yes..sort of.. these companies which I invest are showing high valuation but all in loss.. Am deep worried.. at least one should sell off hopefully..else i will be in mess’

Duff smiles..

Duff opens up his box and shows him variety of stones and pebbles..

Duff ‘each stone is about 10$ worth.. and I have 100000 such type of stones collected from globe’

Gary ‘who will give you 1M$ for these stones..?’

Duff smiles..

Duff ‘some have diamond traces in it.. some gold.. now I will not seggregate and give you the choice..’

Gary ponders..

Gary ‘I have my last 2M$ left.. you suggest I take them?’

Duff ‘choice is yours’

Just then Riya, Duff’s girl friend comes in

Riya ‘Hi Duff, the stone which you gave me fetched us US$10000.. so we are now good’

Gary ponders.. ‘is it a scam, hoax or what’

Duff closes the box and leaves Gary…

1 day later Gary see’s headlines ‘Diamond Industrialist Duff had donated 10M$ for Turkey welfare’

Gary’s eye looks in disbelief

Gary rushes to the restaurant where he had met Duff

Duff is munching his lunch..

Gary ‘you never told me your background?’

Duff ‘Boy.. modern day investors just focus on valuation game.. the hardcore struggle of choosing diamonds in pebbles is unknown to them.. they rely on imitation model or wonder if disruption exists.. they invest because stock exchange crashes, gold crashes and so on.. only high returns.. I have trained n number of diamond entrepreneurs who choose different techniques to search precious stones.. sometimes in sea, sometimes in sand.. sometimes in earth.. I share 70% of profit with them.. Do not get bogged down by 5 to 10% equity etc.. so you know what…  all happy.. I too am happy’

Gary ‘Sir.. I will invest 1M$ on your business.. just 2% equity enough’

Duff ‘Gary.. investments only do not guarantee entrepreneur success.. Mentoring and Coaching.. an attitude grooming and teaching entrepreneurs to share their profits not only with employees but also their agents, distributors, marketing professional, PR.. everything maters’

Duff ‘Business has a value provided the value is seen by all stake holders.. else business remains a busy venture but with no real monetizing benefit for others’






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