Business or Value?

Duff has a penchant for collecting precious stones. He is in Turkey on his usual quest to search stones…

He meets Gary an Investor in a coffee shop..

Duff ‘came on a pleasure trip?’

Gary ‘Yes..sort of.. these companies which I invest are showing high valuation but all in loss.. Am deep worried.. at least one should sell off hopefully..else i will be in mess’

Duff smiles..

Duff opens up his box and shows him variety of stones and pebbles..

Duff ‘each stone is about 10$ worth.. and I have 100000 such type of stones collected from globe’

Gary ‘who will give you 1M$ for these stones..?’

Duff smiles..

Duff ‘some have diamond traces in it.. some gold.. now I will not seggregate and give you the choice..’

Gary ponders..

Gary ‘I have my last 2M$ left.. you suggest I take them?’

Duff ‘choice is yours’

Just then Riya, Duff’s girl friend comes in

Riya ‘Hi Duff, the stone which you gave me fetched us US$10000.. so we are now good’

Gary ponders.. ‘is it a scam, hoax or what’

Duff closes the box and leaves Gary…

1 day later Gary see’s headlines ‘Diamond Industrialist Duff had donated 10M$ for Turkey welfare’

Gary’s eye looks in disbelief

Gary rushes to the restaurant where he had met Duff

Duff is munching his lunch..

Gary ‘you never told me your background?’

Duff ‘Boy.. modern day investors just focus on valuation game.. the hardcore struggle of choosing diamonds in pebbles is unknown to them.. they rely on imitation model or wonder if disruption exists.. they invest because stock exchange crashes, gold crashes and so on.. only high returns.. I have trained n number of diamond entrepreneurs who choose different techniques to search precious stones.. sometimes in sea, sometimes in sand.. sometimes in earth.. I share 70% of profit with them.. Do not get bogged down by 5 to 10% equity etc.. so you know what…  all happy.. I too am happy’

Gary ‘Sir.. I will invest 1M$ on your business.. just 2% equity enough’

Duff ‘Gary.. investments only do not guarantee entrepreneur success.. Mentoring and Coaching.. an attitude grooming and teaching entrepreneurs to share their profits not only with employees but also their agents, distributors, marketing professional, PR.. everything maters’

Duff ‘Business has a value provided the value is seen by all stake holders.. else business remains a busy venture but with no real monetizing benefit for others’






Sold and Realized am a fool

Sam is a project manager who feels everything can be outsourced..
He builds a product with outsourced team..
One day one of vendor calls up Sam

Raj ám in deep shit.. will have to close my unit’

Sam ‘relax.. what is your overhead’

Raj ‘100000 per month’

Sam ‘fine.. I will make payment in time’

Raj ‘other customer will not.. have to exit’

Sam ‘ok .. I am ready to take over your company for 300000’

Raj ‘ willing’

6 months later

Sam ‘Raj.. that venture is now having revenue of 1000000’

Raj is sad

Sam ‘you were desperate.. you never seeked solution.. never bargained and..’

Raj ‘it is past.. have again started a venture..’

Sam ‘what is your product’

Raj ‘compliment to your product’

Sam ‘who invested in it..’

Raj ‘Angel Investor George… 1000000’

Sam ‘wow… I can give you business.. but need to be one of co founder.. 20% equity for 500000 business’

Raj pauses

Raj ‘done.. we will work together’

After 6 months

Raj ‘want to sell company.. got 5M$ deal’

Sam ‘sure.. you can do it’

After 3 months

Raj ‘I got 5M$.. am now free bird.. will start an accelerator’

Sam smiles..

Sam ‘that company which acquired is also mine… I have got a business worth 10M$ for it’

Raj is sad

Sam ‘Raj.. why are you in hurry to sell everything so soon.. don’t you ever wish to build foundation.. a corporate with 100000 staff’

Raj realizes his mistake..

Raj ‘Sir.. can you cofound something with me’

Sam ‘you be a good employee first.. be CEO of both ventures which you sold to me.. and only when you build patience.. become an entrepreneur’

Nature Woes

Water, Air and Earth interacted with each other one day

Water ‘they will exhaust me fully’

Air ‘I do not care.. they cannot touch me.. ‘

Earth ‘they can touch me.. but dare they get into more depths.. they will perish’

Water ‘but they are trying to sell air too’

Earth ‘why are they so greedy’

Air ‘may be because they have not seen the reality’

All burst laughing..

Earth ‘the reality is one day they will just be floating in air with connected vehicles and counting on sun for energy and…’

Water ‘but if am not there only.. how will they survive’

Air ‘they may come up with some artificial water too.. let them go to hell .. why are we bothered’

The sun is rising.. all rush back… to where they belong too.. somewhere deep

Wake up Startups

Interesting graphic view by yourstory.

1) PASSION the only original accelerator concept in globe started in 1996. I got similar setback as was not sure of any schemes, and was sort of novice entrepreneur. Many opportunities would come from corporate managers wanting their row houses to be converted to training centers. I never knew what am getting too but was determined to build an eco system of profit sharing.. where each role gets an equity..

2) Landed into deep problems and got into scaling a company to a big size and again found entrepreneurs really trying to get more gains for business but employees may be paid handsome salaries but finally the spirit of entrepreneurship or innovation dies off. It is killed and soon we find Maslow Theory at work where creative folks start looking at social outlets in form of Angel Network and so on..

3) Now comes the investors.. in all fair sense they invest so they do need a huge ROI.. but then when I studied the entire eco system, realized unless we have a big brand blessings, poor roadside entrepreneur will remain poor only.. or once they become rich, will be surrounded by bankers, investors to be part of some angel forum etc.

4) An entrepreneur grows self to sell self.. penned by me.. is the reality of how we fail to make strong foundations, strong institutes and there are may be a handful not because of the present bred entrepreneur’s patience but because their forefathers struggled, made a platform, base and finally after everything available in platter, the entrepreneurs could flourish business further.. but where is the patience or perseverance left to really groom talents.. We have just a test performance score.. a day match and if the sportsman or entrepreneur fails.. gone is the time..

5) Women entrepreneur encouragement exists but where is that zeal and enthusiasm to be hard core professional without support of family and beloved..

6) Why do we need to make so much hype for something which in reality is common sense requirement.. a structure of space given to individuals to build business on an equity or price.. I advocated always since 1996 we really do not need space at all.. but free space of mind where individuals can think.. could be in forest or in nature or anywhere under sun and come up with idea and work together provided all know their strengths and weaknesses and understand equity compositions.

7) Do we really feel mentors and advisors at 0.2percent equity of whatsoever will really in right ernest groom entrepreneurs? they will but with being in their own company, comfort horizon and they may just be some small brand in the higher valuation business game of entrepreneurship.

I am an entertainer who focuses on story format to explain entrepreneurs the entire gamut of entrepreneurship.

We need to awaken self and realize that we really do not need to go to any investor or incubator if quality of services missing..
Just go to customers.. solve their problems.. sell like not a grocery shop but like a poor kid who is running in scorching heat selling water, selling toys, selling perfumes and what not in traffic signals risking life too.

Unless aggressive marketing approach not taken, no startup can really be able to build foundation.. they may be scaling ventures up, but finally boss they will need to exit, sell and move into those foundation organizations already built by some serious fore father visioners who struggled to build things for not money only but to build a society vibrant with employment and entrepreneur eco system.. so what if politics emerged then.. still focus was clear.. to build nation.. to build strong economy.

PASSIONIT Entrepreneurship Meetup

Pune, IN

We invite mentors and entrepreneurs who wish to share their insights / knowledge to budding entrepreneurs in all walks of life (IT, Clean Energy, Hospitality, Social Work, Ele…

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Share with your friends, share with anyone who wishes to be really serving cause of entrepreneurship.
Am not the big wig money investor nor a most happening company nor anything..
Am only providing a framework.. a framework for entrepreneur success. for human success.
Even if one dimension fails.. entrepreneur crashes..
In this case study..
Acting, Scoping and Setting itself is challenging..
Probing anyone can do
Innovation anyone can do
But the midlevel principles gives opportunity for corruption.

Will I get investments? god knows when? 20 years of research and have built a foundation literally.. no need of hype, no need of money too in long run..
All can become successful if they realize that greed alone cannot help build foundation or need too cannot help foundation.. but what is needed is serious commitment and right strategy without vested interests to grow business.

Having said this, any government body works under stringent environment of optimizing infrastructure needs, so they could be right in their own way and it is infact good that such initiatives are happening in developing countries.
The leadership shows a vision, mission but implementation needs toughness, it needs determination.. it needs monitoring and it needs results.


Amit is a winner all the way and always been a topper in his school and college.. and unfortunately for him, one day he looses both his legs in an accident.. and his one hand too damaged…

Amit ‘Doctor… never knew life could turn this way.. Am in best of hospital in Chicago.. my parents have put me in best of schools.. and now in US.. met with this fate’

Doctor ‘cheer up.. take life as it comes.. crippling is limiting.. but understand that god gave you the power to think and act’

Amit is silent..

Amit is reading a news paper..

His mom Swati and father Bob is besides him…

Amit ‘Mom.. both of you are so supportive.. but I have been always too ambitious.. so.. am thinking next what’

Bob ‘Son.. we are there to support you”

Amit ‘I want to have list of all handicapped individuals in world..’

Bob ‘done.. we can get that.. there are multiple associations’

Bob ‘why?’

Amit ‘Why not start an incubator program for handicaps… we invest in their brain to think’

Bob ‘you are brave.. others loose their self esteem so .. not sure’

Amit ‘am sure.. they can talk… so let us have them become story narrators.. and we tie each with different sector’

Bob ‘not a bad idea’

Amit ‘Amit means non perishable.. and I guess.. our voice will be heard.. as content, stories, technical training contents and so on’

Bob hugs Amit

Swati ‘enough now.. take rest’

Amit ‘god at times challenges us.. let us accept them gracefully and do what we feel will be in best interest of self and society.. Never leave hope’

Bob ‘Am amazed by your optimism’

Amit ‘if readers here feel they are a bit low.. cheer up, Amit requests all to be part of PASSIONIT movement.. PASSION is all about pain and endurance to give a product.. be it baby 🙂 or be it startup 🙂 or be it Love:) or be it Accident too :)’

Education – ROI

Pears is an education reformist who feels very strongly for open school learning. Her husband is a social worker focused on health initiatives.. She is invited to an international school conference as a speaker…

Pears ‘dear all.. how many of you feel what you learnt was useful to you in life’

There is a silence.. and few spontaneous hand raised

Pears ‘wow.. still confusion in minds.. if indeed what you learnt got ever applicable.’

Pears ‘how many did not like to go to school at all’

Now she sees more hands.. many… and all begin giggling..

Pears ‘so do all agree education systems need to change globally’

All respond yes with a big clap…

Pears gets a call from her husband..

Pears ‘sorry.. just have to pick up a call’

Her husband Jerry informs her that he just got a call from CM and CM has seen this live conference and CM wants to ensure Pears tone her speech as most of schools are run by political associations.. they need kids to be in school. else have threatened to abort Jerry’s projects

Pears ‘oh I see’

She returns back to stage

Pears ‘dear all.. how many of you feel.. education really does not schools too”

Now there is mixed responses…

Pears ‘community halls is fine for get together’

All agree

Pears ‘one of the challenges in world is that we introduce new learnings, market driven, brand driven.. sometimes we propogate books of some authors, publishers only because of a revenue model.. but what we forget is that the kid just needs simple education and useful relevant education’

All clap their hands

Pears ‘I need to be politically correct and inform you that kids need to go to school.. they need to.. but if talent exists, without schooling too a kid will grow provided parents have guts to train the kids in their specialized skillsets’

Pears ‘Am going to open an education project.. a startup which will only teach kids their interesting topics and set own certification standard’

One of the delegate ‘it will be unrecognized’

Pears ‘guaranteed job even before joining my startup’

Another delegate ‘what will be return on investment.. what fees’

Pears ‘only US$100 per month.. and US$20 saved in kid’s account

Pears ’20x12monthsx 10 years = 2400US$ .. add interests.. US$5000 returned back to kid after 10th standard

Pears ‘100x12monthx10years = 12000 spent on education and 5000 returned back or may be even more.. as the kid will start a venture when in 1st year of collegge’

All clap

Pears ‘how many willing to take risk and put kids in my school’

All silent

Pears ‘this is the problem of our society.. we keep talking entrepreneurship, startups and what not.. but no individual dares to take risks.. the VC/Angel Investors are most insecure and follow herd mentality and imitate but genuine ones to exist.. who are willing to invest on disruption.. and unfortunately Angels are confused and either they invest on products or on services which they feel will sell because it sells in US and then the crash.. and no one wishes to experiment… so dear teachers, participants.. wake up and strive on balance.. we need to give politicians a direct fee for schools.. not as donation.. but fee for letting them guarantee a job atleast’

After the conference

Pears gets call from politician ‘We decided to not stop your husband’s project.. how much you feel we can make out of this whole business of ROI..’

Pears ‘Add the number of schools and students and x it by 20$’

Politician ‘1000 schools x 100 students x 20$ per months = 2000000US$.. you are amazing Pears.. am game for it…’

Pears ‘you guys think only of money.. hence I decided to teach all of you Money business in a better way.. rather then hoarding.. please distribute it back in various ways and let teachers also grow..let them earn more money too’

Politician ‘done…’

Pears ‘will meet you for next steps’

Pears gets call from her husband

‘Hey politician is very happy with my work.. giving me another grant’

Pears smiles and thinks in her mind ‘Social Entrepreneurship is order of day.. grants too will come but very important to show ROI’

Valentine Blushes

A group of couples get together in an Island on Valentine Eve..and Ana the most intelligent girl in the group asks one question

‘Can anyone tell why couples wish to give roses in all zeal only on Valentine day?’

Pat came an answer

‘god gave us blood which is red in color and the moment anyone praises anyone either a smile or a blush is seen and the blood rushes the cheeks and pink roses seen on face..’

Sam who loves Ana a lot gives Ana a yellow rose

Ana ‘why not red..I know you have been waiting for years to declare love to me’

Sam ‘I decided to change the color and again declare I LOVE YOU’

Ana blushes

Sam ‘so red roses or yellow roses or pink roses.. any rose can convey feelings..’