Loved ones

Rita ‘If you love me so much. do help me get a job’

Jack ‘If you feel I love you so much, do help me get introduced to your friend as I love her much more then I love you’

Rita ‘I promise once I get a job.. will do the needful’

Jack ‘I promise once I get introduced.. I will do the needful’

Rita introduced Jack to her friend Rose

Rose ‘If you wish to be my friend.. help me get introduced to Rob your friend whom I love him so much’

Rita and Jack look at each other

Rita ‘Little Jack realize that always love the person who loves you truly’

Jack returns back with Rita and is eating FRIENDS ICECREAM wondering why heart gets complex and keeps getting distracted always






Entrepreneur Life Style

Lean style of living
Roadside food at times
Enough of CCD.. Tapri’s fine

Lean Style of Usage
Do not overspend
Running behind Investors
a big no no
Running behind Customers
a big yes yes
Love can wait for a while
Whatsapp there to connect always

Just live with 100 bucks
for a day and night
build something around
and rush to market
user experience galore

brickbats and criticism
never be angry
never be emotional
work towards betterment
Life can be good
even without malls
and multiplexes
Enjoy the Nature
being focused
Get used to ups and downs
Startup is all about
Lean Life Style
all the way
till you reach your goals…

Manufacturing business

Altaf is a manufacturing magnate. Many a time folks wonder how he can succeed in making this magic happen..

Altaf has his friends in China..  one of his closest friend Xero has a knack of identifying low cost manufacturers..

Altaf ‘Xero.. need to bring in un-manned vehicle at the earliest’

Xero ‘wow.. but still we have not got the blue print.. once available we can begin production’

Altaf ‘how I wish we all learn from you guys.. our market is screwed up’

Xero ‘one of the problem.. is low cost labor’

Altaf ‘name all type of taxes.. we have.. nothing left over’

Xero ‘Altaf why did you stop your manufacturing business out there’

Altaf ‘No charm left.. labor issue.. tax issues.. all issues and then can we really survive and compete with you.. Absolutely no’

Xero ‘we have different type of challenges and you have different.. I think we should have youngsters from age 16 be groomed and they may be may be low cost labor?’

Altaf ‘good point.. skill based training from 16.. cool idea’

Altaf ‘ok got to go.. will close my Skype session.. have to guide my other friend to also close his manufacturing business’

after session ends

Altaf ‘strange world we are in.. core engineering forgotten.. ecommerce.. commodity selling, fruits and vegetables, cab aggregation and what not.. for that an individual completes 21 years of education, competes and wins.. joins reputed colleges.. even blocks seats of genuine individuals wishing to be only in engineering discipline and then guess what…  even after they make huge money.. catch anyone investing in engineering manufacturing companies.. Anyways.. why to think too much..  am already on my way to get invested in a shoe portal venture.. An ace gold medal winner in University.. Polymer expert.. and now.. a shoe seller. I know many of traditional business men will be unhappy with all these revolutions.. but what to do.. am I left with any choices?’


Successful Entrepreneurs

A group of successful entrepreneurs start a club ‘Successful Entrepreneurs’ and soon find the club having more and more enrolments.

Anna the founder is amazed.. she calls up all the entrepreneurs for a meet

Anna ‘want to understand all secrets of success’

John ‘begin with you’

Anna ‘single, determined, ambitious, 24/7 work, want to win at any cost.. Hence my fashion portal ensure its acquires small startups or I identify bright spots from market and have them enrolled under my venture ‘

Ravi ‘separated out.. soon to get into relation.. team building is most important.. and I manage to give my team space and opportunities for creativity’

Oslo ‘am happily married.. life style balance.. early bird to identify opportunities when none existed..  my first venture was a negotiated one with a big industrialist and I agreed to do whatsoever it takes to get in’

Mischel ‘a religious flavor introduced.. I have been serious and provide quality services to my customer.. on personal front.. divorced.. have a son…  keep myself occupied mingling and also ensure my fortune business keeps guiding many’

Rafiq ‘nothing much.. traditional family business. I just took it over.. and keep growing.. want to experiment.. but do not dare.. I do escape to exotic locations and spend time there’

Manuel ‘dear.. did you notice all of us have some imbalance.. Balanced successful entrepreneur is it tough to find?’

Ravi ‘no.. I disagree many successful entrepreneurs have balanced life too.. but in early days may be it was imbalanced’

Anna ‘I think ambition brings in inbalance’

All agree

Susan comes in just then..

Susan ‘am happily married.. have 2 sons and 1 daughter.. and just did business which was my hobby and took off. I am good in skating and began training folks skating.. and I enjoy my work.. it is flexible and so…. so am here’

All look at each other and begin laughing

Anna ‘no wonder.. I guess did we ever try to convert our hobby to business or career’

Till then drinks are served and  Mischel greets Susan ‘Welcome to this club’



Love Picnic

Love Picnic as it was

She came with him

and sat on a beach

pondering as to what next

He came closer and kissed her ears

Wondering what next

She surprised him with a photo

He wondered where was he

She said they needed to grow up

He unstable as he was

She felt it was time to be stable

He wondered where was he

She whispered

Being handsome was fun

But being stable more fun

She whispered oh honey

Hope in next life

you will be handsome and stable

In this life

it is quits and better luck next time

Love picnic a merry making date

for one last time

before it was called quits for ever.


What is in Name?

Rose ‘How I wish my mom kept some other name’

Dog ‘yes.. how i wish my surname was not Dog’

Lords ‘I do not agree.. I am destined with a good surname’

Bill ‘obviously’

Enters  a person in conversation and shows his ICard

All look shocked

His name is ‘Startup’

All echo simultaneously

‘who decided this name?’

My father named ‘Entrepreneur’

My mother named ‘Angel’

All echo ‘you lie.. it is unbelievable’

Startup ‘who stopped you from keeping unique names.. why always popular names.. think unique’

All echo ‘don’t you get embarrassed with this name’

Startup ‘no.. everyone is talking about me these days’



Are you scared to become an Entrepreneur?

If you are an individual who is happy in a secured job, wants to be comfortable in predefined life style. Happy with an incremental growth of 10% year on year average. You are born to be an employee dear..
But somewhere you feel.. why cannot I attempt and earn much more then what I am earning? Why cannot I do it? The next door plain JANE did it successfully. I am much better then her.
A raging desire to come out of decade old same drudgery position..
A strong desire to make someone know that the other person was a fool to not understand your talent…

Is PASSION an Aggression..? A compassion? An Ignite? A rapid fire intuition to make us realize that we should not repent much later in life that we never attempted to..

If you wish to be happily settled and lead cushy life.. No one stops you.. but do not complain about why someone keeps growing..
The sweat you do today is for your better future..

We throw money at all self indulgence items.. and why not entrepreneurship?
Why that fear?
Is it a fear that girls will not marry unsuccessful entrepreneurs?
or is it a fear that unstable finance will ruin a smooth running family?
or is it fear that family will not be supportive at all?
The easiest route is seeking investments, protecting salaries and then running around for more investments?
Are you still in that employment mind set?
If not.. begin identifying customers.. paying ones..
and just get going..
just remove the fear and struggle for may be 1-2 years…
success is bound to come..

Do not think of asset investments and get tied up with an EMI if you really wish to think of a startup? you may have an asset but then job will be more lucrative for you…

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Sweet test drive

Louisa ‘please do not take me for this test drive’

Manuel ‘do not worry dear… I am there with you’

Louisa ‘what if it crashes’

Manuel ‘no dear.. just it will be a test drive in busy NY street’

Louisa shrieks ‘no.. not for this life’

Manuel ‘100000US$ dear.. just for this experimentation with driver less unmanned vehicle’

Louisa ‘why me?’

Manuel ‘they need a lady too as it boosts sales’

Louisa ‘surely not.. am leaving you forever’

Manuel ‘my technology dear.. your sweetheart for ages’

Louisa ‘no means no..  identify someone else’

Manuel ‘not also for your beloved?’

Louisa ‘no for sure.. am not confident’

Manuel ‘big banner working with me’

Louisa ‘who is the CEO of that banner… ask that person to be the first test rider along with his beloved’

Manuel ‘they are paying 100000US$ bucks dear’

Louisa ‘just for you.. am doing this.. will be part of your life.. but if am gone up.. remember it was you who killed me.. so will come as ghost to hound you’

Unmanned Vehicle.. Electric Vehicle… and what not for you.

The war begins between MAN and MACHINE

Start Saving

Samuel ‘start saving for future’

His wife Rose ‘but nothing gets saved. You keep saying this and finally end up spending in your drinks’

Samuel ‘Rose… I am worried how will I drink in future.. hence asking you to save for future’

Rose ‘an idiotic thought to save..’

Rose ‘start saving your moments with me.. as I am divorcing you soon’

Samuel ‘why you say so’

Rose ‘as you prefer drinks to me’

Samuel ‘how to save moments.. I do not know’

Rose ‘PINTEREST.. INSTAGRAM… whatsoever’

Samuel ‘are you leaving for sure?’

Rose has left for the office wondering what mess she got into when she married Samuel for his looks little realizing he is an alcoholic ‘



Connected Love

Connected Love is all about being connected in heart and mind with no need of WI-FI, no need of blue tooth.. All you need is just a single protocol of understanding..

Spiritual love as it is called or platonic feeling as it is felt or passionate compassion as it is understood, Connected Love at times is a confused thought in our mind to think whether Í should say ” I love you” or should I say “I like you”?

The confusion remains and still the interactions continue… sometimes in Whatsapp..

sometimes in email, sometimes in facebook and lo and behold you find you are in love with so many individuals..  seen and unseen

Are they your fans.. or are you their fans?

or is it just been connected and be followed or to be followed?

The miracle of connections begin with a communication and once protocol established, there is wireless moment of thoughts which flash into your mind and heart to feel a feeling that love does not need closed intimacy alone but it needs enrichment of soul to understand the perception of lover’s love and align accordingly.

If a startup ‘LOVERS PARADISE’ thinks of only introducing a concept of spiritual love match making site..  why it cannot be successful?

Sans any face.. sans any message.. just 1 message allowed for connection and once connected…  expressions through symbols of various marketable products.. being sold as only image… wow.. if someone wishes to spiritually get married to someone on net.. a big list of grocery images being sent only with no other responses… and lo and behold.. if some one indeed purchases those image items from any popular stock ecommerce site, they get a 20% discount

So what if I teach you commerce in love.. is love not a give and take affair? and even if someone is only giving or someone is only taking.. still that equilibrium shift needs a balance somewhere?

So what if I teach economics in lay man words.. finally the demand of love is more then the supply.. and am only creating more suppliers here..