Failed Parenting

Struggled and bought up the kid

the kid failed and kept failing in its endeavors

Gave everything I could to make the kid grow

the kid failed to understand its importance and kept neglecting me

As a small kid, care for it, As a teenage, guided it

But alas the depth of emotions never understood

In this cycle of freedom after teens

the kid was gone out to fend for self

only to ask what you as parent did for me?

Why do we need to rear kid with no expectations is beyond the grasp of a father or mother?

Except that parenting is a beautiful process

to evolve a human being.. sometimes it succeeds

sometimes it fails.. so what but

Atleast someone attempted

Unless someone is not in someone’s shoe

All advices become meaningless

As the child could just not reciprocate or willing to listen to advices

As finally each individual comes with a destiny

and that destiny remains that individual’s path

and it can be given new meaning only through

self realization of do’s and don’ts

Mentoring, Advising, teachers, parents all are in same boat so failed parenting should not be perceived as a failure in life but rather be proud of self that you did attempt






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