Troubled Souls

Troubled Souls as our conscious waivers

Balancing between do’s and don’ts Mama taught all the life

Worrying about do’s and don’ts Papa doted all the life

Souls wonder where is the freedom

Hiding in the virtual world

Chatting with virtual friends for glory

A smilie icon, a like, a dislike and all those angry symbols

Addiction with a twitter and facebook

Restless for an email

Restless for someone to see up on the chat

Restless Souls.. where we go from here

A virtual world to a virtual graveyard

Over the next decade

Where is the nature? or the fun to hold hands

To share a quick kiss and be in garden

looking at sky and nature

The right for expression lost in public

The right to communicate available in sleath mode

Life is dual, no longer single..

Life is multiple.. no longer singular

Troubled Souls as we embrace more technologies

Where is the simplicity and peace of mind

to think afresh and love our soul

with niceness of the simple little joy

like real smile or real hug

lost into intimacy in virtual world.

Life as it is.. wake up now

Come in real world waiting for you

with open hands.



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