Soldiers of our body

fights when time comes

every fungus, every virus

bacteria galore

Soldiers of our body

why it does not fight the mind?

the heart which gets attacked

by various energies

To heal, To soothe

what emerges are  anti-depressant

and then..soldiers again surface

fighting side effect symptoms

Home remedies to be in nature

be in greenery, studying galore

all the niceness of life

1 hour on google

1 hour in garden

1 hour in tough karate regime or sports

1 hour of aptitude and skill development

Life would be so nice for a school kid

dream education is all about

pursuing dreams to fulfil goals.

unfortunately the curriculum never

got listeners but nevertheless a good startup model.

Enjoy the nature and technology

and become an expert in what you wish to.

All who didn’t complete education

Am there for you..

Bill did it, why not you.


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