Investor Dilemna

Investor ‘Should I invest in it or not’

Finance Advisor ‘Due diligence will say it all’

Investor ‘Do it’

2 days later

Investor ‘that entrepreneur news came.. many investors interested in it’

Finance Advisor ‘have patience’

Investor ‘no.. need to be fast’

3 days later

Finance Advisor ‘it is ok but risks of no business model, no team exists’

Investor ‘again a news.. just go for it’

10days later

Finance Advisor ‘term sheet signed off.. cheque too issues of 1M$’

1 month later

Investor ‘they are not having any news.. no buzz.. did I make a mistake’

Finance Advisor ‘have patience’

1 week later

Investor ‘he made a big news.. we are on right track’

2 months later

Investor ‘they fooled us.. why you didn’t do good diligence’

Finance Advisor ‘dear just because you are having money made by some god’s grace doesn’t make you a good entrepreneur… and does not qualify to think you can become lucky always.. I always told you to have patience but.. you were carried away with media news and hype.. so have decided not to work with you’



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