Samuel is a great fan of Ace Sportsman Fred

One day he convinces the security through contact and allows to get seats in front to watch Fred play the football match..

Samuel notices Fred to be quite cool and composed… and is waiting to get an autograph.

Somehow manages to get near Fred when is he is resting and…

Fred ‘so you are a fan of me?’

Samuel ‘great fan.. ‘

Fred ‘do you know we are having fans only till we perform and after that no one bothers about us’

Samuel is silent

Fred ‘in life each person has a strong desire.. a passion to do something.. just follow that.. you too will gets fans.. maybe you will find me too becoming a fan of yours’

Samuel ‘Sir I love to fish’

Fred ‘great… begin teaching fishing to all’

Samuel ‘are you sure.. this will fetch me fans too’

Fred ‘begin teaching me.. will pay 500$ every month.. teach me and my family’

Soon Samuel finds Fred introducing more of his friends, other sportsmen too

One day Samuel reads aquaponic information and shares with Fred

Fred ‘great.. start a venture there’

Samuel ‘Sir.. you are great.. I am your fan and want to always remain your fan’

Fred ‘so..’

Samuel ‘celebrities have a power to bring their fans in right path too’

Fred pauses

Fred ‘yes.. we have to be cautious of which brands we endorse, what we say, act.. as everything has loads of audience wishing to imitate us’

Samuel ‘Sir.. thanks for all help.. I have started a venture and wish to have you as partner’

Fred ‘No dear.. I have no time nor inclination.. found a sincerity in your approach to me and later gathered you are educated too so decided to help you’


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