We are always curious to understand what would be shell life of anything?

Typical interests

1) what will be my life span?

2) till when the market will boom?

3) the sensor life will be for how many years?

4) when will investments give results?

Using Failure Mode Effect Analysis approach for each system

  • List down all the components in the system
  • List down component failure probabilities and its cause and effects
  • List down possible controls to avoid failures
  • Implement those controls..

Keep collecting the performance records of the components and system as whole

Prepare control charts for each component under various conditions

Anything which can be energized will have lesser shell life

Anything which cannot be energized will have more shell life

Identify subcomponents which can be energized and once which cannot be energized..

Focus on saving energy of subcomponents which can be energized..

Focus on giving more energy to subcomponents which can be energized to increase life span.

Prognosis is all about predicting component failures but real challenge is on energy balances

Can we self energize self?

Anything in excess will destroy self..  Wish to attempt?

Life span of an energizing component is not more then 50000hours..

Hence ideally an eye on an average spends 10 hours on computer every day, will begin having issues 5000 hours later.. which roughly means max 208 days later.. hence importance of maintenance comes in..

so with maintenance you can energize your eyes to be without specs for some more days..

spending only 4 hours on computer per day would enhance your eyes to be safe for 50000/4

12500 days = 34 years..

This blog penned is only to explain prognosis in very simple way

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