Manufacturing business

Altaf is a manufacturing magnate. Many a time folks wonder how he can succeed in making this magic happen..

Altaf has his friends in China..  one of his closest friend Xero has a knack of identifying low cost manufacturers..

Altaf ‘Xero.. need to bring in un-manned vehicle at the earliest’

Xero ‘wow.. but still we have not got the blue print.. once available we can begin production’

Altaf ‘how I wish we all learn from you guys.. our market is screwed up’

Xero ‘one of the problem.. is low cost labor’

Altaf ‘name all type of taxes.. we have.. nothing left over’

Xero ‘Altaf why did you stop your manufacturing business out there’

Altaf ‘No charm left.. labor issue.. tax issues.. all issues and then can we really survive and compete with you.. Absolutely no’

Xero ‘we have different type of challenges and you have different.. I think we should have youngsters from age 16 be groomed and they may be may be low cost labor?’

Altaf ‘good point.. skill based training from 16.. cool idea’

Altaf ‘ok got to go.. will close my Skype session.. have to guide my other friend to also close his manufacturing business’

after session ends

Altaf ‘strange world we are in.. core engineering forgotten.. ecommerce.. commodity selling, fruits and vegetables, cab aggregation and what not.. for that an individual completes 21 years of education, competes and wins.. joins reputed colleges.. even blocks seats of genuine individuals wishing to be only in engineering discipline and then guess what…  even after they make huge money.. catch anyone investing in engineering manufacturing companies.. Anyways.. why to think too much..  am already on my way to get invested in a shoe portal venture.. An ace gold medal winner in University.. Polymer expert.. and now.. a shoe seller. I know many of traditional business men will be unhappy with all these revolutions.. but what to do.. am I left with any choices?’


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