Startup Astrology

Startup Astrology.. does it hold same as to an entrepreneur’s horoscope or their founder’s horoscope..
Does it really hold relevance?
Who are the stars which influence a startup?

The 9 + 2 combination (A perfect team)
All can be diversified fields.. (Similar to planets)
Each of them can have their own armies (Similar to satellites)
Each of them can be governed by the numerous stars (Nakshatra).. the eco partners..
and all moving round the sun which invests its energy on you…
If we observe the entire universe is revolving round some purpose, some object, some entity..
sometimes we are where we are but the world is revolving round us.
So do we need to get affected by success or failure of darkness and light?
Absolutely no… as whenever there will be moments of darkness, there will be light too be seen soon..

Startups need to understand the influences of all actors in the startup eco system and acknowledge their presence for right balance of mind and success..
Being grounded is most important

Live a life of Imagination

Susan believes she can solve any type of complex life problems through structured interventions of process

James comes up with a strange problem

‘My startup is crashing and my wife has deserted me to cofound another company. My investors supporting her and I am in mess’

Susan ‘are you too worried for something?’

James ‘my repute, my social status, my finance.. everything.. is in mess’

Susan ‘Live a life of imagination’

James ‘means’

Susan ‘think that your startup will surely succeed and bring that belief while you interact with people’

James ‘I do try to do so.. so many other marketing folks too do it’

Susan ‘My father Robert told me an important lesson..’

James ‘what is it?’

Susan ‘success is an illusion.. failure too is..  just try to pass on a news to media’

James ‘what?’

Susan ‘you have bagged a project worth millions in past.. but took a back seat to work on a exciting project.. the ideas will be shared later.. just need investors who trust on you and you are just seeking 5M$ for this.. ‘

James ‘will it be right thing to do’

Susan ‘try it’

10 days later

James ‘Susan..  100 Investors around me.. wanting to work.. but where is the idea?’

Susan ‘Build a psychological game.. to analyze your past, present and future mood and come up with the various layers of your brain ‘

James ‘do you feel people are interested to know their true personality’

Susan ‘yes… many a time in life we do something.. but we do not know what we wish to do..  life is an illusion..  story writing is just a way of expressing..’

James ‘why you claim you structure a process around to solve a problem’

Susan ‘I look at your various facets of life and then provide a solution… you are still a kid in heart.. grow up.. your wife let you not for your startup mess but because you were obsessed with winning.. you would wish to win her mind, her thoughts, her actions and rarely acknowledged a team.. so do you realize where you messed up’

James realizes his mistakes..

Susan ‘what you plan to do?’

James ‘want to unite with my wife first’

Susan calls up his wife ‘Ana.. your hubby wants to apologize you…

Ana ‘have moved out of his life’

Susan ‘in relations.. always give a second chance’

Ana ‘why?’

Susan ‘because second chance helps to strengthen a relation better’

What if he fails again

Susan ‘then move away from his life for ever’

Ana ‘what is life full of imagination?”

Susan ‘believe all is well.. all will succeed.. all will prosper and believe in positive aspects of life’

2 days later

Susan ‘James.. Ana has agreed to be with you… and an Investor is willing to invest in our project ‘Live a life of Imagination’

James ‘but what is the business model?’

Susan ‘life healing is  way of life.. watch out for a startup soon in this space’




Messed up Process

CEO Rob yells ‘Messed up Process .. I have no clue what is happening’

His secretary Sweeta whispers ‘Sir.. it was created by you.. you never allowed anyone to give you advice or even suggest improvements’

Rob ‘what the hell you are talking.. ‘

Sweeta ‘check on the meeting statistics.. from 20 odd meetings scheduled.. only you talk.. no one else’

Rob ‘is it so? I never realized it..’ and begins laughing

Sweeta ‘Why you talk so much? you need to listen too’

Rob ‘may be I am the enthusiastic entrepreneur’

Sweeta ‘No.. you are creator of this messed up process of long meetings’

Rob is silent

Sweeta ‘only 10 minutes meeting.. bell will ring.. you need to end the meeting.. hope you understand’

Rob ‘sure.. I will implement this for my interaction with my girl friend too’

Sweeta ‘you will never understand what I say’

Rob ‘why?’

Sweeta ‘am I not your only girl friend.. as your girl friend Louisa left you way back’

Rob ‘is it so? I do send emails to her’

Sweeta ‘Did she respond ever?’

Rob ‘no..  ‘

Sweeta ‘hope you realize the 10 minute meetings and its relevance’

Rob ‘sure.. 10 minutes over.. stop talking’


Sure Shot Winner

Jack never lost ever in his gambles..

He had this strange notion of being powerful.. backed by his father who was an ace banker.. and set up a financial institution.

One day he decides to experiment with group of individuals interested in building a DNA analyzer to trace out if an Entrepreneur indeed has that something in genes or will that person need to be trained..

Jack ‘we need to ensure samples are adequate and you know the rest.. right?’

Samuel ‘one of the challenge is does education really make one an entrepreneur?’

Jack ‘ýes and no…’

Rose ‘it is going to be killer tool.. a wrist watch monitoring pulses of individual, blood pressure, anxiety and anger and accordingly.. you get your strength and weakness’

Harris ‘PASSION brings in our ethos, pathos , pain and pleasure all out at one go… Can that device also predict how passionate someone is?’

2 months later

Rose ‘sad news… kids seem to be better entrepreneur, college going too.. but in youth people are more worried of settlement, marriage, loans, luxury and are caught up with multiple emotions and then unfortunately at older age too people keen to give advice, mentor.. risk taking improves’

Jack smiles

Jack ‘we are going in right direction.. thanks to a framework…PASSION FRAMEWORK.. so what if he writes stories.. absolute fiction one.. is it not true that we are caught up in web of emotions and wish to do something all along but never attempt to do..  should you be waiting for late mid life to begin???  dear ones… begin right away.. make this hypothesis get rejected..

Farida ‘Sir.. what is hypothesis’

Jack ‘a statement.. an assumption.. a research question as a statement.. to prove it is true or not.. and then we have research method around it and so on’

Farida ‘next what…’

Rose ‘need a magic wand to make entrepreneurs successful’

Jack ‘a whip dear.. entrepreneurs need to focus on market and not on pleasing investor and media’





Morning Ideas

Getting up..  (how nice if someone gave a morning bath)

Brushing tooth (how nice if there was an electronic toothbrush cleaning each and every non reachable part of teeth and making it shining white)

Office time (Why cannot I have a clone and be at home for change and program the clone to do some routine tasks like logging into Skype, pressing mute button and dozing off listening to the noise and be intelligent enough to say ‘ok good.. what next’

Noon time (is it possible for a lunch tablet to gulp which can melt and give a punch as if you ate a chicken liver if you are non-veg or did you feel the taste of fried rice if you are veg.. a whole sum meal in tablet format

Evening time.. (scheduled whatsup message to all my girl friends with an intelligent system to ask ‘would you wish to be with me in late evening for a cool dinner? random message’

Night time ‘if anyone snores near me.. gives a punch to other person and ensure I sleep peacefully’

Dear Sam ”don’t think too much.. startups are all about crazy ideas and here in PASSION FRAMEWORK you have gone nuts.. sleep now’





Apprehensions trending in startup eco-system

Do the startups have mindset to protect their small salary provisions for a year or so and also improve their valuation?

Are the founders really entrepreneurs or just want to be protected and also improve their overall growth in terms of power, money and designation through taking entrepreneurship route?

How many burn their credit card or sold their house for building their startups?

How many decided not to bootstrap at all and just take chance and begin a startup?

We are in phase where the startups need to validate their business models before taking traction..  Clarity of thought and focus is most important..

Hare and Tortoise story (Slow and Steady wins the race)

Why the story succeeded? because the Slow eventually wins the race

What happens in our Startup Eco System?

We are enamored by the fast growth accelerated speed of entrepreneurs. We wish all to be hare and hardly show interest on tortoise…

Why does an institution with huge patience of decades and century eventually get into a hare and tortoise race and tortoise eventually wishes to be fast too..

Will the hare win? Will the tortoise win?

Sluggishness is incorrect and Over Zeal is disastrous too

Hope the startups maintain their balance and be realistic and think of building foundations rather then selling companies off or merging too soon.

It does help valuation, making money but long term employment generation remains a question mark?



Followers dear ones

Millions of them

Follow each of its Idol

Idol or Icon

Some has shape

Some just shapeless

A leader is someone

which all seek internally

Followers will continue

loving its idol

talking of the same

publicizing freely

Followers love the

thrill to follow someone

Reaching into heart of people

may not be possible to all

the ones who manage it

are the one’s we follow




Sam shouted ‘Mind your business’

Tina howled over Sam ‘dare you say so’

Wedding anniversary.. 12th.. and things are getting sore..

Tina feels Sam is good for nothing..

Sam feels Tina is good but she always wishes to have upper hand in relation

Tina ‘enough is enough.. say sorry.. else will leave you’

Sam ‘tell your staff all this.. do not try to dominate me.. I cook food for you.. I do everything… did you watch that new movie.. KI & KA?’

Tina ‘life is not a movie..  I want you to work dear.. it is plain embarrassing for me to explain to all that you wish to laze around’

Sam ‘ok let us separate out?’

Tina ‘I wish I could.. but for this hitch.. my cofounder Harris for strange reasons likes you and feels you have potential’

Sam ‘do you know why?’

Tina ‘not sure…’

Sam ‘reasons.. I inform him how to handle you at work, you are rigid.. not flexible.. try to dominate.. I teach him to be flexible and be open to co-work with dominant entrepreneurs’

Tina is speechless.. she shrieks ‘you idiot.. who told you to interact with him’

Sam ‘do you know a fact.. in relation respect is more important then love.. the way you abuse me.. verbally. …I have got immune to it.. but one day I will shriek.. I will yell at you much louder that you shriek.. but with help of a device controller..

Tina gets curious..

Tina ‘means’

Sam ‘I will not shout at you putting strains on vocal chord.. rather will set a decibel and will speak normal.. it will distort as a shrieking voice to next person’

Tina bursts out laughing..

Tina ‘not sure.. why I continue to remain with you stupid’