Ph.D. over? what next?

Ph.D. over.. what next

Teaching? yes

Entertaining? yes

Researching? yes

Publishing Papers? yes

What does Ph.D. really offer?

A deep research to prove your assumptions right or wrong?

Why you need to purse a Doctorate Studies?

Teaching theory without practice is making future student bodiless and teaching no theory but only practice is making future students headless..

So research has THEORY which is the brain and PRACTICE which is the body

PASSION FRAMEWORK is evolved from multiple theories and there are many things to be practiced to prove the framework indeed can be evolved better.

What better way to translate theory to practice but stories? teaching entrepreneurship in stories format..  many liked it.. thanks for this support..

Have completed my Ph.D. and topic needless is Entrepreneurship Eco-System

Thanks for everything..

I love all of you each one of you need to remember that we are bonded by our love for reading and writing..

Hence ‘I love you for acknowledging me and my blog always’

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