Lovely was a sweet looking girl who always wondered why she didn’t have parents of her own.. She identifies closeness with one of the caretaker Maya as her best friend..

Maya ‘Lovely… you are such a sweet child.. but I do get worried on your bouts of temper’

Lovely gets suddenly angry and begins hitting at Maya

Maya ‘sorry ..sorry dear.. never meant to hurt you’

Lovely is sitting grumpily

Maya ‘chocolate?’

Lovely smiles and begins eating chocolate

Maya ‘you are 18 years and why you still behave like kid’

Lovely hugs Maya..

Lovely ‘because am still a child.. do not wish to grow up.. ‘

Maya ‘as you complete your education.. you will need to vacate this orphanage.. next what?

Lovely ‘aggregation of orphans.. ‘

Maya ‘what you plan to do…. in that’

Lovely ‘I will try to understand how to enhance their skillsets and groom them’

Maya ‘Lovely.. and any boy friend’

Lovely shrieks ‘dare you again ask this question.. you are the only one for me.. I love you and have feelings for you’

Maya ‘am not sure.. what you are saying’

Lovely ‘I do not wish to marry or fall in love with anyone’

Maya ‘Lovely.. sometimes we develop liking for some one senior and it is all infatuation.. so hope you find a good match.. and more over I am a lady… I knew you would just cuddle and sleep with me right from age 6.. but am your mom.. so’

Lovely ‘mom..never knew what it is.. felt something for you.. and before I realized got into teens and then those hormonal changes and hatred for men.. so’

Maya ‘dear child.. all will go well.. stop thinking negative.. begin your startup… have save 5000US$… catch hold of some good web developer and have a website developed’






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