Summer startup

Joy a street wise smart resource decides to dip water in tissue papers and neatly packs them in scented wrappers and sells it in busy streets of NY and even experiments this in some part of LA using his friends..

To his surprise no one purchases it..

He is morose and sad… He keeps all the wrappers in his fridge and next day decides to put that at the reception desk of the company where he works.. He requests the owner to keep it..

One old lady comes and picks it up.. wipes her face and throws it in can and soon all follow

It is a ritual…

One week later, he puts a donation box (US$1 to 5 accepted) for charity. The summer startup is to micro finance some homeless victims to self sustain self.

He gets huge donations now.. the model is clicking..

He brands his tissue paper as ‘FBW’  ‘Fresh before Work’ and it rocks..

Simple pain point.. any part of world.. you go.. you will sweat the moment you come out of your AC car.. and at times even in office corridors etc..

What you do but wait for cheap alternatives to cool your face and body with….

FBW (Friends Be With Us)







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