Glamour of Money

All that glitters is not gold

Any currency is attractive.. But Oxam is a crazy guy who has only one passion.. Money..

Notes of any form.. hoarding and hoarding it in one remote island bank till one day he is caught in a scam..

What was his source of money?

He would just invite all from different countries to invest in that island country and park the money but.. then of what use is the money hoarded somewhere if it cannot get contributed back to the country of those investors..

Rebelo has Oxam arrested and he is questioned in an open Media..

Journalist ‘why did you do it?’

Oxam ‘Demand existed.. a pain point..’

Journalist 2 ‘but is it not illegal’

Oxam ‘Disruptive.. yes’

Journalist 3 ‘what would have happened had it been converted to a VC fund’

Oxam ‘Not sure.. I will not know.. The investors would wish to plough that money back to some other countries’

Journalist 4 ‘why you allowed?’

Oxam ‘what else can a country do.. full of nothing.. harsh environment.. un-educated folks.. how to survive them?’

Journalist 5 ‘why others got carried away and how come so many invested in your country?’

Oxam ‘Ask them…  I never knew who will do what  with so much money.. Assume some has 1billion$…  what will that person do… even if he distributes 1/2 billion.. still he is for life and for his 100 ancestor generation made enough money.. so rather then having it given to government and may be not trusting the government individuals.. he parks it some where else… and may be legally as paid tax too’

Journalist 6 ‘it could be black money too’

Oxam ‘what is black and what is white.. poor man do not understand.. what is taxable is taxable.. and what is not.. is black.. and it is black to someone and white to someone.. and how this lure for money came?’

Journalist ‘how?’

Oxam ‘we forgot barter.. we do not wish to do anything without currency..not also love’

All are silent

Oxam ‘so many free sites.. so many free social media applications.. everything free… check on monetizing it.. never will it happen.. but still billion $ valuation right’

All are silent

Oxam ‘suddenly if someone gets too rich.. that individual feels parking somewhere else is too safe..  It is the country sentiments which favor that individual to park somewhere else.. reasons corruption exists.. sometimes in a village, 2 acre land needed for a village school permission and in cities, 5000 sq ft suffices.. this itself will drag the village students one generation back.. who cares…  glamour of money is coupled with glamour of power and politics.. so not sure…am i going to be penalized?’

All are silent

Oxam ‘I did what I felt was right then.. I could have got terribly wrong.. but if I helped my country with a currency flow.. what next’

Suddenly a gun shot.. and Oxam is gone…

Glamour of money can destroy the inner soul..  and inner soul is happy only through good deed.







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