Startup Dowry

Startup Dowry invites all senior prospective father-in-laws and mother-in-laws, brothers and sisters who wish to settle their sons or daughters to become an investor with an equity of 26% on any venture initiated by husband or wife.. and both will be joint founders..

Sami ‘hey this is madness.. do you think our tradition will disrupt this way’

Mama ‘dear.. we have heard of folks skyrocketing and asking fanciful funds for a good groom match.. why to pay them through property purchase or gold or anything.. let them have a startup.. we become investors.. legally the groom gets funded.. and in term sheet put a clause ‘will loose venture if groom moves our of bride’s life in first 7 years.. and groom has to scale up the venture in 1 year time.. and more funds (dowry) will be provided.

Sami’s sister Sridevi is zapped..

Sridevi ‘why will a groom take so much pressure?’

Mama ‘1M$ investment is not small amount dear’

Sridevi ‘do you think such things will work out’

Mama ‘so many pressurize so many even in these days…  why not this venture’

Sridevi ‘lol.. grooms would ask money for property, gold etc.. and these days for startups’

Sri’s friend Lisa who is hearing this fun pitches in

Lisa ‘does such system still prevail??  here we never do such things’

Sri ‘we are tuned to think too much from security perspective.. hence all that money for security..  hence…’

Lisa ‘god bless STARTUP DOWRY.. I guess it will have huge number of NGO against such concepts..’

Sri ‘Mama.. hope you are in senses’

Mama is snoring loudly…

Sri ‘Mama is strange.. drunk a bit.. but worried always.. about me.. no wonder such crazy thoughts flash in mind’



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