Girl Friend

Girl Friend Zora asks her boy friend Sohaib a question

‘Why do you consider me as your girl friend when you have so many girl’s as friends’

Sohaib pauses for a while and then responds

‘you are special to me and girlish too.. hence you are my girl friend’

Zora ‘why others seem boyish?’

Sohaib ‘others are not kiddish.. sorry girlish like you’

Zora ‘common.. you spelled out what you think of me’

Sohaib hugs Zora and says ‘yes.. at times we men try to identify mom in girl friend’s, identify sister in girl friend.. sometimes daughter too.. and sometimes may be our inner child.. and then.. don’t girls also see similar factors (father in boy friend..etc)

Zora ‘weird..’

Sohaib ‘all boy friend and girl friend relations need not be physical love attraction or mental attraction.. eventually each person wishes their partner be of a particular model type.. hence the confusion… am having a startup idea to predict what type of partner would most suit someone.. ‘

Zora ‘cool.. but do not copy from Linda etc..and just think of Aries-Libra type personality trait comparisons and show results’

Sohaib ‘ice cream for you.. chill pill’





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