Sam shouted ‘Mind your business’

Tina howled over Sam ‘dare you say so’

Wedding anniversary.. 12th.. and things are getting sore..

Tina feels Sam is good for nothing..

Sam feels Tina is good but she always wishes to have upper hand in relation

Tina ‘enough is enough.. say sorry.. else will leave you’

Sam ‘tell your staff all this.. do not try to dominate me.. I cook food for you.. I do everything… did you watch that new movie.. KI & KA?’

Tina ‘life is not a movie..  I want you to work dear.. it is plain embarrassing for me to explain to all that you wish to laze around’

Sam ‘ok let us separate out?’

Tina ‘I wish I could.. but for this hitch.. my cofounder Harris for strange reasons likes you and feels you have potential’

Sam ‘do you know why?’

Tina ‘not sure…’

Sam ‘reasons.. I inform him how to handle you at work, you are rigid.. not flexible.. try to dominate.. I teach him to be flexible and be open to co-work with dominant entrepreneurs’

Tina is speechless.. she shrieks ‘you idiot.. who told you to interact with him’

Sam ‘do you know a fact.. in relation respect is more important then love.. the way you abuse me.. verbally. …I have got immune to it.. but one day I will shriek.. I will yell at you much louder that you shriek.. but with help of a device controller..

Tina gets curious..

Tina ‘means’

Sam ‘I will not shout at you putting strains on vocal chord.. rather will set a decibel and will speak normal.. it will distort as a shrieking voice to next person’

Tina bursts out laughing..

Tina ‘not sure.. why I continue to remain with you stupid’







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