Apprehensions trending in startup eco-system

Do the startups have mindset to protect their small salary provisions for a year or so and also improve their valuation?

Are the founders really entrepreneurs or just want to be protected and also improve their overall growth in terms of power, money and designation through taking entrepreneurship route?

How many burn their credit card or sold their house for building their startups?

How many decided not to bootstrap at all and just take chance and begin a startup?

We are in phase where the startups need to validate their business models before taking traction..  Clarity of thought and focus is most important..

Hare and Tortoise story (Slow and Steady wins the race)

Why the story succeeded? because the Slow eventually wins the race

What happens in our Startup Eco System?

We are enamored by the fast growth accelerated speed of entrepreneurs. We wish all to be hare and hardly show interest on tortoise…

Why does an institution with huge patience of decades and century eventually get into a hare and tortoise race and tortoise eventually wishes to be fast too..

Will the hare win? Will the tortoise win?

Sluggishness is incorrect and Over Zeal is disastrous too

Hope the startups maintain their balance and be realistic and think of building foundations rather then selling companies off or merging too soon.

It does help valuation, making money but long term employment generation remains a question mark?


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