Morning Ideas

Getting up..  (how nice if someone gave a morning bath)

Brushing tooth (how nice if there was an electronic toothbrush cleaning each and every non reachable part of teeth and making it shining white)

Office time (Why cannot I have a clone and be at home for change and program the clone to do some routine tasks like logging into Skype, pressing mute button and dozing off listening to the noise and be intelligent enough to say ‘ok good.. what next’

Noon time (is it possible for a lunch tablet to gulp which can melt and give a punch as if you ate a chicken liver if you are non-veg or did you feel the taste of fried rice if you are veg.. a whole sum meal in tablet format

Evening time.. (scheduled whatsup message to all my girl friends with an intelligent system to ask ‘would you wish to be with me in late evening for a cool dinner? random message’

Night time ‘if anyone snores near me.. gives a punch to other person and ensure I sleep peacefully’

Dear Sam ”don’t think too much.. startups are all about crazy ideas and here in PASSION FRAMEWORK you have gone nuts.. sleep now’





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