Messed up Process

CEO Rob yells ‘Messed up Process .. I have no clue what is happening’

His secretary Sweeta whispers ‘Sir.. it was created by you.. you never allowed anyone to give you advice or even suggest improvements’

Rob ‘what the hell you are talking.. ‘

Sweeta ‘check on the meeting statistics.. from 20 odd meetings scheduled.. only you talk.. no one else’

Rob ‘is it so? I never realized it..’ and begins laughing

Sweeta ‘Why you talk so much? you need to listen too’

Rob ‘may be I am the enthusiastic entrepreneur’

Sweeta ‘No.. you are creator of this messed up process of long meetings’

Rob is silent

Sweeta ‘only 10 minutes meeting.. bell will ring.. you need to end the meeting.. hope you understand’

Rob ‘sure.. I will implement this for my interaction with my girl friend too’

Sweeta ‘you will never understand what I say’

Rob ‘why?’

Sweeta ‘am I not your only girl friend.. as your girl friend Louisa left you way back’

Rob ‘is it so? I do send emails to her’

Sweeta ‘Did she respond ever?’

Rob ‘no..  ‘

Sweeta ‘hope you realize the 10 minute meetings and its relevance’

Rob ‘sure.. 10 minutes over.. stop talking’


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