Live a life of Imagination

Susan believes she can solve any type of complex life problems through structured interventions of process

James comes up with a strange problem

‘My startup is crashing and my wife has deserted me to cofound another company. My investors supporting her and I am in mess’

Susan ‘are you too worried for something?’

James ‘my repute, my social status, my finance.. everything.. is in mess’

Susan ‘Live a life of imagination’

James ‘means’

Susan ‘think that your startup will surely succeed and bring that belief while you interact with people’

James ‘I do try to do so.. so many other marketing folks too do it’

Susan ‘My father Robert told me an important lesson..’

James ‘what is it?’

Susan ‘success is an illusion.. failure too is..  just try to pass on a news to media’

James ‘what?’

Susan ‘you have bagged a project worth millions in past.. but took a back seat to work on a exciting project.. the ideas will be shared later.. just need investors who trust on you and you are just seeking 5M$ for this.. ‘

James ‘will it be right thing to do’

Susan ‘try it’

10 days later

James ‘Susan..  100 Investors around me.. wanting to work.. but where is the idea?’

Susan ‘Build a psychological game.. to analyze your past, present and future mood and come up with the various layers of your brain ‘

James ‘do you feel people are interested to know their true personality’

Susan ‘yes… many a time in life we do something.. but we do not know what we wish to do..  life is an illusion..  story writing is just a way of expressing..’

James ‘why you claim you structure a process around to solve a problem’

Susan ‘I look at your various facets of life and then provide a solution… you are still a kid in heart.. grow up.. your wife let you not for your startup mess but because you were obsessed with winning.. you would wish to win her mind, her thoughts, her actions and rarely acknowledged a team.. so do you realize where you messed up’

James realizes his mistakes..

Susan ‘what you plan to do?’

James ‘want to unite with my wife first’

Susan calls up his wife ‘Ana.. your hubby wants to apologize you…

Ana ‘have moved out of his life’

Susan ‘in relations.. always give a second chance’

Ana ‘why?’

Susan ‘because second chance helps to strengthen a relation better’

What if he fails again

Susan ‘then move away from his life for ever’

Ana ‘what is life full of imagination?”

Susan ‘believe all is well.. all will succeed.. all will prosper and believe in positive aspects of life’

2 days later

Susan ‘James.. Ana has agreed to be with you… and an Investor is willing to invest in our project ‘Live a life of Imagination’

James ‘but what is the business model?’

Susan ‘life healing is  way of life.. watch out for a startup soon in this space’




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