Astrology Dynamics

Only for believers of Astrology…

Ours is a focused entrepreneurship ecosystem based edu-entertainment blog.. but as it is converting research to entertainment format, all of us get curious if we will really become successful entrepreneur…

Now a story

Sam ‘will I become successful entrepreneur?’

Joy ‘not the right time now.. you are running 7.5 saturn’

Sam ‘what is it?’

Joy ‘do it after 2 years’

Sam initiates a startup. gets funded and overjoyed returns to Joy

Sam ‘I have good time now itself’

Joy smiles..

2 days later

Sam ‘Joy.. they are bringing in their own CEO.. not sure.. if am I the entrepreneur or someone else.. I put so much hard work in it’

Joy smiles..

Joy ‘I told you so..’

Joy ‘when is the right time’

Slowly Sam becomes believer in Astrology

1 year later Joy gets a heart attack…

Sam ‘how you could not avoid that?’

Joy ‘because I too am going through bad patch..’

Sam ‘is my time perfect?’

Joy ‘sometimes when our timings are bad.. even astrological predictions will go haywire.. have stopped predicting for some time’

Sam ‘Í still do not know whether to believe you or not’

Joy ‘do not pursue or think of astrology if your mind and heart is very strong and you do not wish any guidance’

Now the theories

Each person is governed by something unknown.. an intuition at times.. is it soul in our heart? is it what?.. what makes us think, rethink…
why at times we have multiple thoughts in our mind.. and cannot remain focused…?
why we tend to follow our heart and not mind? but how we know is it our heart speaking or mind speaking?
everything is game of mind…
astrology is a science.. it is mathematics.. it is governed by precision.. and more the precision.. more the accuracy in prediction.
As an astrologer, myself.. I always know that sometimes we try our best.. and we fail.. we fail badly..
and sometimes we become successful just with less effort..
what pushes us in some direction..  only our mind..
only our mind can fight all odds and make us a winner beyond the super power of various planets, stars and everything around us..
can we become such a great warrior in our real life..?
very few manage to fight all those odds.. and hence at times people begin believing in astrology and feel everything is destined..
it is destined for sure.. as for us to become such great warrior it calls for lots of determination, patience and will power
the tests come every 5 year technically… why so? Saturn is the planet which gives justice to our doing.. a result… and hence those tests need to be passed with flying colors..
what we sow.. we reap
what we reap.. should be sowed back again… to reap more

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