Soured Relation

Susan ‘Never knew why it got sored… why it happened.. but just do not feel like seeing him any more’

Melissa ‘Why?’

Susan ‘funded him.. scaled him.. did everything for him… and then one day.. he is gone.. am out of his board and some new folks came in.. he suggested that’

Melissa ‘why you got emotional over him?’

Susan ‘his innocence.. sweet face.. I really liked his transparent nature’

Melissa ‘are you an investor or a lover?’

Susan gets silent…

Susan ‘he is my friend’s son.. and then.. so what.. why cannot a lady fall in love with someone younger her age?’

Melissa ‘common… how you could imagine it would work’

Susan ‘my friend Bob … he used to keep accompanying him since he was 16 and I always had a soft corner for him’

Melissa ‘motherhood feeling or lovers’?

Susan ‘this is the most complex aspect of human life.. we are confused.. not sure.. but I would feel very good being besides him.. did feel like hugging him, kissing him’

Melissa ‘ok I leave for now’

Susan gulps her wine and dashes to bed

Morning time she see’s a pop up message

‘Please come to board meeting as we need your consent to remit you funds and release your stock from the startup’

Susan ‘life is really strange.. we keep getting attracted to something which is never going to be ours.. but why then.. why that attraction comes in first place… ‘

Susan goes to the board room and signs the exit form…

Peter the one she loved the most.. his father Bob too is the meeting..

Susan ‘Peter. .take care of self.. all the best’

Peter ‘Susan.. too much emotions in business should be avoided… ‘

Susan ‘thanks for the advice dear.. I forgot am only an Angel Investor.. an Angel for you’




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