Restful Love

Alia ‘restful love is one in which a person can sleep in someone’s lap and remain relaxed and calm’

Gina ‘love has no rest… I had a mishap when I was trying to call him.. and then got crippled and the guy just didn’t bother to remain with me… he was gone’

Nancy ‘we women get together and keep discussing spouses, boy friends, food and even relation.. but why we feel we are missing restful love?’

Gracia ‘love can never give you rest.. it can give you unrest till you are in process of love and will give you rest only when love results concluded..

if you unite.. it is bliss

if you separate.. it is a bliss after you reconcile and start afresh that you really wasted your life on something which was not worth..

Rita ‘This is similar to what I advice in startup community..  if you are in love with your startup.. remember you will love whatsoever you do.. If you like your investor.. you will listen to them.. and if not… what else… eventually separation in form of exits… ‘

Nancy ‘why do you keep bringing work in talks?’

Nancy  ‘Rita the great serial entrepreneur with serial divorces and …’

Rita has drop of tear in her eyes

Rita ‘this is one thing I hate about women.. bitching comes so easily’

Nancy ‘wait.. let me complete the sentence..’

Nancy ‘and even after failed relation.. remained a great mother.. and has been given best of education to kid and always has been besides her only daughter.. a big clap for her.. HAPPY MOTHERS’ day’

Rita ‘Nancy.. this is always something which I don’t like about you.. you bring in twist to words and… I do remember how you remain at home.. sacrificed a successful career to be with family.. and dote on your loving kids… HAPPY MOTHER’s day to all of us here’

All hug together and take a selfie..

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