Start soon

Start soon on the way… the summers and rains.. the autumn and winters.. the springs galore… body keeps changing.. heart wishes to be same.. mind too.. but what about the soul who too wishes to change..

Is change only constant?

Why do we have this irony of life where we need to remain same, consistent all the time to sound like the most ideal, perfect leader or entrepreneur or investor or wife or girl friend or husband or boyfriend or even an organization or a startup..

When on the way of journey everything around us changes… the rhythm, the mood, the context, the perception and then the only truth..

Look at the mirror and see where we lost the innocence down the memory lane.. life brings a sense of maturity in eyes, wrinkles around it.. the hands seem not too soft.. the leg soles look tough.. and then up above the head.. a few white hair.. a bit of hair loss.. and still folks say ‘please remain same as you are’

How is it possible when the nature around us has made us realize that changes will keep happening and all you need to do to remain same in your heart and mind is enjoy exploring new adventures, new ideas, new thoughts, new challenges and rediscover the child in you every day to make you feel young

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