Joy ‘this is the most frightening news which is haunting us.. barely any manage to get int series A funds’

Ramola ‘I never understood all this.. can you explain.. as a wife, my duty gets constrained towards looking after our family’

Joy ‘am worried.. invested in around 10 startups and…’

Joy ‘it is like initially we invest as seed.. then may be before you get bigger investments, have a bridge and then SERIES A fund’

Joy ‘Assume I invest 10000US$ for 10%, the valuation of company moves to 100000US$ and at time of Series A, assume investors invest 2M$ for 25% dilution, the company valuation moves to 8M$.. it means, I earned 800000$ on exit’

Ramola ‘all bouncers in my mind.. all paper based valuations”

Joy ‘I put over 200000 in it’

Ramola ‘you could have given me a big bungalow instead of all this’

Joy ‘I assumed, I would have given you sky scraper’

Ramola ‘As a non working MBA, I feel individuals just run behind money.. the real value to customers missing.. real value to society missing..  everything is visible but really not too impactful…   why does an entrepreneur make organization to just sell it off.. where is the PASSION in it..  ‘

Joy is silent

Joy ‘not sure’

Ramola ‘PASSION for making money.. nothing wrong in it.. but do not get overboard.. more you gamble.. more you will only suffer loss.. no difference between playing a pack of cards to win a game and playing a pack of startups to win a game.. do not crib later.. if you are a gambler.. just play the role and be mentally prepared to loose too.. and if not.. just groom only few individuals and scale them up big.. even if they generate 1000 plus employment opportunities.. you serve the society better..’

Joy ‘you are good in management.. unfortunate you didn’t do it from reputed institute’

Ramola ‘Joy.. I am with you as a spouse to see you succeed.. you may have done schooling from a big institute.. you could afford it.. you had blessings of your parents to save money for you..  I have come the hardway and may be the conference where we met, changed my life.. but same MASLOW theory available in book, Wikipedia, good institute learning as well as institute where I learnt from..  only difference is you as investor have set a mind.. invest only on those who come from reputed institute… ‘

Joy ‘you are getting annoyed dear’

Ramola ‘if you feel am going to succumb to this subtle understanding that am coming from a smaller institute.. so need to prove now.. enough of home works.. will start a new venture to guide small startups scale up’

1 year later

Joy ‘so how are things.. we separated out for 1 year.. and want to check on your progress’

Ramola ‘1000 plus startups being groomed.. about to get Series A’

Joy smiles

Ramola ‘let us get together’

Joy ‘why not.. I realized my mistake.. I realized education is only a tool.. intent of entrepreneur most important.. who supported you for doing so’

Ramola ‘PASSION.. it keeps uncovering various aspects of life and entrepreneur life cycle.. keep reading it’

Joy ‘what is it?’

Ramola ‘nothing.. hope PASSION to works well’

Joy ‘what is it?’

Ramola ‘time will answer everything’



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