Neero is an ace athlete.. a self centered individual.. who always wishes to win..

His best friend Zabbar who is an international cricketer bumps on to him in an event..

Zabbar ‘Neero.. how are you doing?’

Neero ‘great.. preparing for Olympics’

Zabbar ‘I recollect you were madly in love with Lisa… what happened later’

Neero ‘she is gone.. got married to an entrepreneur.. I didn’t stop .. our ideologies were screwed up’

Zabbar ‘same old.. 1 vs multiple team sports?’

Neero smiles

Zabbar ‘almost all team sports are popular’

Neero ‘incorrect… tennis, athletics etc.. are the one where individuals need to perform well’

Zabbar ‘let us not get into arguments dear… anyways nice meeting you’

Neero ‘do you know she married to a sports entrepreneur who invests in sport teams.. cricket, kabbadi, football…’

Zabbar ‘but not on single individual sports right?’

Neero ‘are you taunting me?’

Zabbar ‘life as single is great.. as doubles cool.. and then as group.. awesome’

Neero ‘I do not agree’

Zabbar ‘elephants, deer and so many.. check how they be in groups.. reasons there is someone to help if got lost.. true sportsman should not be worried of winning..  the process where you are in is important.  It does not matter if you win, not win.. but being part of race is important..


Supporting others

Pushing others

Owning responsibility

Relying on your judgment to motivate self and others

Trust building exercise

Selflessly contributing for a cause

Neero  ‘cool you have become a philosopher’

Zabbar ‘yes..a true sportsman is a philosopher somewhere in his heart and soul’



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