Second Marriage

Joy ‘this is my second marriage’

Roney ‘what? how it happened?’

Joy ‘I left my job and got this new job’

Roney ‘oh..  I though you got married to someone else again’

Joy ‘any commitment which spans more then few days and moves over to months and years is marriage only’

Roney ”so you wished to tell all this hence opened up this topic.. have you found a new girl friend’

Joy ‘human mind Is such.. that genders are seeped into our mind.. why cannot  I find a new boy friend?’

Roney ‘Are you …?’

Joy ‘this is the problem.. mind set.. any person who starts a business with me is married to me’

Roney ‘why you took up this topic’

Joy ‘want to marry you dear.. am investing in your startUP’ and winks at Roney

Roney ‘seriously are you … Am scared’

Joy ‘common.. am just human.. do you wish to start a venture or not?’

Roney shakes Joy’s hand

Joy  ‘never look for hidden meanings in relation.. accept relation as it is’



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