Return from GraveYard

Rose ‘this is dead end.. I can see only grave from now on’

Tom ‘see an opportunity in grave too’

Rose ‘am finished.. the entire funds drained and nothing much to do or say.. All employee’s exited. Investors unhappy.. boy friend too.. and only you… my last friend having patience standing here in front of grave of my dear mentor Philips’

Tom ‘look at his smile.. when he was being buried.. wanting to inform that he mentored many.. scaled so many.. but none came.. only the failed startup entrepreneurs came to see him off.. Is it not bad’

Rose ‘are you kidding in front of a dead soul.., All are gone.. I feel like committing suicide’

Tom ‘why you didn’t…  you could have laid right next to him.. It would have been a news item’

Rose ‘common.. you kid.. let us go to a restaurant.. am feeling hungry’

As both much burger..

Tom ‘can you keep a tab on failed individuals and just motivate them?’

Rose ‘one failed resource motivating others. Impossible’

Tom ‘just talk of what needs to be avoided and what should be done to refresh mind.. I can also be part of this venture.. and you just give free equities to ones who invested in your screwed up venture’

Rose ‘brilliant idea..’

3 months later

Rose ‘it was tough convincing investors.. just we managed it.. and it was great.. our traction is good.’

Tom ‘now merge this unit with your failed screwed up and create a big hype’

4 months later

Rose and Tom near the mentor graveyard

Tom ‘did his soul enter your body?’

Tom’s expression changes and Rose is shocked

Rose ‘common.. you are kidding me.. just come back to original form Tom’

Tom returns back to normal form

Rose is shivering

Rose ‘let us return back’

Late night

Rose ‘is it possible, the mentor’s soul moved into Tom’s body..  who will believe this?’


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