Cherie a small kid loves chocolates

She meets  Uncle Tom in a mall when her mom is busy purchasing items..

Tom ‘Chocolates?’

Cherie ‘No.. Mom said not to take it from strangers’

Tom ‘Your mom needs to conveyed just small message’

Cherie ‘what?’

Tom ‘Chocolates are so tempting that demand always exceeds supply’

Cherie ‘means?’

Tom walks away

Cherie returns back to mom and conveys this message..

Mom Triza ‘where he went.. where is he…’

Cherie ‘how will I know’

Triza ‘he is your dad.. chocolate manufacturer.. I left him because I was allergic to chocolate smell..  ‘

Cherie ‘what…?  hence you do not sleep in my room too’

Triza ‘not sure.. why.. how it happened.. initially I used to love chocolates.. and then.. the allergy developed.. ‘

Cherie ‘Mom.. I wish to meet my dad’

Triza ‘not sure.. I just cannot be near him.. he smells of chocolates’

Cherie ‘Ok Mom as you wish’

3 months latter

Cherie gets a gift of chocolates from Tom with a letter

‘Weird as it sounds..  I lost my wife for an allergy.. so you can avoid chocolates if you wish too.. but this is our unique fate… the world is found of chocolates and here a family is disrupted because of chocolates.. bye for now’

Triza reads the letter and feels helpless

Triza pens a thought ‘Does family consent really matter when starting a business? Had he informed me much earlier of his desire to open a chocolate plant.. I would have explained my child hood allergy symptoms to him’

Moral of story ‘be transparent to your family members when starting a venture’




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