Drop out

Rani dropped out of her higher studies as she could not cope with pressure.

One day she meets Jenny on net and begins chatting

Rani ‘which class you are in?’

Jenny ‘school drop out.. could not afford fees’

Rani ‘me too.. but pressures.. my head would reel when maths numbers would keep coming here and there’

Jenny begins giggling

Rani ‘why is it that parents pressurize kids to study a subject.. never understood.. so many awareness training programs but… they do not mind paying donations too assuming kid will fulfil dream..  if father wished to be an engineer, and didn’t why is he forcing his son or daughter to be one..

Jenny ‘and goodness the doctor syndrome.. ?? 🙂 every one wants some family member to be doctor.. here my mom wants me to be actress .. am at texas how the hell will go to LA.. will I need to solicit?’

Rani ‘what is that?’

Jenny ‘forget it..  seriously speaking if I had the way.. I would have just been painting for my life.. all along.. but no money for paints too’

Rani ‘hey will teach you paint brush.. and you can make paintings.. I know some website development.. we can begin selling some stuff there’

Jenny ‘cool man… sorry.. gender issue.. cool girl’

Rani ‘you are funny’

Jenny ‘you too…’

3 months later, they develop a site.. which is able to sell paintings.. and awaiting investors

Jenny’s parents are tired of her..

Jenny’s mom

‘Í have led a life of a nomad.. why you too wish to be.. you look so beautiful.. become a model’

Jenny ‘just shut up ok… I am not here to listen to your advices.. I want to be an artist.. so will be’

4 months latter

they get invested by an ART Company.. Rani has managed to get seed funded..

Jenny ‘ok.. visiting India.. take care mom and dad.. ‘

The moment she lands.. there are folks gazing at her..

Jenny ‘this is madness.. why they do so…’

Rani ‘you look so beautiful.. here it is like you can become a model’

Jenny ‘common not again..’

Rani ‘I have my father who is a film producer.. will you act?’

Jenny ‘what.. are you crazy.. and seriously I never knew you belonged to a rich family’

Rani ‘sorry dear.. you are going to stay with me so..’

4 months latter Jenny has signed a film contract

Rani ‘this is a strange world dear.. when money exists.. everything exists… when money doesn’t.. all get frustrated’

Jenny ‘what about my main goal of painting’

Rani ‘only work in 1 movie per year and focus on painting for rest of time’

Jenny ‘this is not a bad idea at all’

1 month later

Jenny writes an email to her mom

‘courtesy your endless prayers to god.. I became an actress.. most invited to India.. please come there and spend time’

Rani ‘you seem unhappy somewhere’

Jenny ‘really not sure.. I am clueless.. I am a dropout finally..so can beggars be choosers’

Rani ‘hey.. why you feel dejected’

Jenny ‘wanted to study a lot dear.. and I have money today.. but still….’



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