Namesake DP

If ever someone wishes to put a photo on mobile and assume someone is going to see it.. the answer is YES.

Pari had this itch of putting selfies and almost every day a new photo..

One day her friend Tom got curious

Tom ‘is it your hobby? or is it your passion?’

Pari ‘why you keep seeing my photo?’

Tom ‘anything which changes, I get an alert’

Pari ‘why you follow me?’

Tom ‘why do u love clicking snaps’

Pari ‘am confused.. why.. but just feel like ..’

Tom sees a changed photo

Pari ‘name sake DP..   do you know.. I just had a change few months back’

Tom ‘what change?’

Pari ‘Male to Female..’

Tom is shocked

Tom ‘is it so?’

Pari begins giggling

Pari ‘you men have double mind.. the moment I told you of a change.. it shook your earth.. common am just normal..

Pari ‘am analyzing impact of photos on human behavior… ‘

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