Life is beautiful if you think it is

Life is beautiful if you think it is..

around the mountains.. touching the sky, the fresh water keeps moving down

between lush green tree’s all around..

the magical rains slowly moving over you, making you think…

Nature gives us all the beautiful objects around us and within us.. but why we seek for man made objects further to give us pleasure…

what is lacking in the objects within us and around us which is naturally enchanting us?

need to probe further..



Crowded focus

Abdul is worried that there are many startups coming in fashion space..

Abdul ‘this is going to head to disaster.. consolidation needed’

Mathew ‘Sir.. we just cannot help.. all wish to follow leaders’

Abdul ‘think something unique’

Mathew ‘do you have money to blow’

Abdul ‘how much?’

Mathew ’20M$’

Abdul ‘it is too high..’

Mathew ‘we will acquire 20 startups in that space and slow consolidate’

Abdul ‘what about their other investors’

Mathew ‘All will be happy.. do you have 50M$’

Abdul ‘why so much?’

Mathew ‘just acquire one more big fry at 20M$ and you are up in this game’

Abdul ‘is acquisitions only the way going ahead?’

Mathew ‘many ways exist.. but first acquire and then we will have IPO and you remain the undisputed king’

Abdul ‘how much will I get on an exit?’

Mathew ‘1Billion?’

Abdul ‘this seems endless’

Mathew ‘this is how the eco system functions.. hence many fail..’

Abdul ‘am still not sure if I will plunge or not.. but it is overcrowded’


Student Project

Something broken somewhere

Not sure where

just documentation dear…

Something broken somewhere

Not sure where


who cares for them..

piling up the shelf

dusty and torn

all efforts for the project

just one certificate

post that.. who cares for it

It is there in some CD,

it is thrown in dust bin

Student Project

now in a resume

floating around

hello job.. please come here

hello dear.. please give a job

No use of it… as

project completed with half heart

struggle needs to exist

with open heart.



Next term

Sam ‘am fed up of giving that paper.. failed 5th time.. is there a solution to get a degree’

Jignesh ‘:) 5th year.. going strong… no solution.. just doesn’t go inside my head’

Mani ‘this is going to not end.. am dropping out of college if I again flunk exam’

Nancy ‘you guys are lucky.. as your parents are there to support. for me in California, here in LA.. I will have no options but to commit suicide if I flunk.. my parents have taken huge loan’

Professor Gib is hearing these conversations sitting on other side of garden seat..

Gib goes near their sit..

Gib ‘Hello.. why do not you guys utilize time and start something of your own’

Nancy ‘we are failed entities.. almost gone’

Gib ‘you may have one common thread’

Nancy ‘friendship’

Gib ‘make a friendship barometer which will put various episodes of your life and how you folks were with each other in thick and thin and get going’

Jignesh ‘cool..  but who will do it.. None know coding.. we are extremely pathetic’

Gib ‘draw a story board.. what all the barometer needs and then get going’

All of them get in serious discussions and realize that emotion quotient is most important for being friends..

They rush to Gib and ask one question

‘Why do we fail Sir.. Always? we feel we will not be able to work on this project too’

Gib ‘do you know why you fail?’

All echo ‘Why?’

Gib ‘you do not like to attempt.. you feel lazy to think.. you do not like what you are doing and then… all will remain failed creatures’

Jignesh ‘Any solution?’

Gib ‘PASSION FRAMEWORK feels Dream alone can make a human begin probing and Reality of life will make a person innovating…  so begin probing self as to what you lack and innovate self…  Do not mug entire paper.. attempt to get only 50. Learn 5 chapters out of 10.. perfectly.. and think of getting 60 marks.. you are sure to get 45 at least’

All ponder

6 months latter

Nancy ‘where is Gib Sir.. Want to thank him.. this time I passed..’

All ‘yes we too… where is he.. he gave an important lesson of life..

aim for only what you can do.. if you really feel incapable and get going.. you will get a clear road ahead’



Issues for nothing

Startups have issues for nothing

Samuel ‘no money.. no further goals’

Martin the VC firm staff ‘so fully dependent on investors… why so’

Samuel ‘we believe we did our part.. a nice product.. but accelerator never helped us get clients’

Martin ‘ridiculous.. do not set such expectations’

Samuel ‘they promised it’

Martin ‘they promised good network, reach, partners’

Samuel ‘still want to exit.. can you help me sell it off’

Martin ‘great.. we do everything for you.. and you call yourself entrepreneur’

Samuel ‘sorry.. but you are just creating issue for nothing.. am just asking you our normal expectations..  you invest and ask us our exit route.. hence want to inform you.. most of entrepreneurs do say they will exit.. but really rely on venture capitalists and P/E firms only for exit.. so it is upto you’

10 days latter

Martin ‘Boy… am exiting the VC firm.. am starting my own venture.. best of lucks.. got tired to be a sandwich between entrepreneur and investors’


Best of self

Best of self

one day a cute little kid well dressed is walking on the road. he meets a youth who too is well dressed and smiles..

Youth ‘school?’

Kid smiles

Youth ‘am going to office’

Kid ‘it is too boring to keep presenting self the way the world wishes to see us’

Youth is zapped

Youth ‘from where such big talks..’ He loosens his tie

Kid too loosens his tie

Kid ‘am fed up of school’

Youth ‘i too fed up of routine work’

Kid ‘have a football..  can we play?’

Youth is surprised.. he is now ruffled his hair too

Both move to nearest vacant ground and begin playing football

After few hours

Youth ‘what next’

Kid ‘i want to see that animation film’

Both go to theater and watch it

Late afternoon

Kid ‘thanks.. what is your name?’

Youth ‘Joy’

Kid  ‘am Mark..’

Joy ‘what is your father’s name?’

Kid ‘Alan.. he has a large publishing firm in NY.. Capstan’

Joy’s head is reeling

Joy ‘hey.. i work there only’

Kid ‘ok .. will keep this a secret.. but promise once every month, you need to bunk office for me’

Joy ‘Mark.. not knowing what to do… anyways.. bye for now’

Mark is giggling.



Many a time in our life we think of our father as a super hero… who can fulfill what ever is possible..

Scared at times.. worried about his reactions.. life as it is, fathers can be bossy..

fathers can be choosy but at times.. we do love our funny father who prances around with you playing foot ball or reaching out to the nearest shop to gift you with a new dress..

At times careless.. no caring.. you wonder why he chose to be with mom, bringing me to this earth.. but a pain in his eyes.. tells he does care for you at least once a while..

A mere hug and a whisper that you will do great.. and am there to support you.. makes you feel confident…

and one day he is gone.. all above as a star and moist eye remembers only moments and wonder did we really spend time with him when he needed you for some more time…

Searching father in a partner.. most of babies wish this in their heart

Search mother in a partner.. most of boys wish this in their heart

So why not be with your father today.. .and enjoy the moments of Happy Father’s day and do not neglect your mom too as she is his beloved dear..



Chrisna is a sweet looking 5 year old kid who has just learnt to begin speaking..

In orphanage where multiple kids exist, some named, some nameless, Chrisna too arrived at MASCOT orphanage 4 years back.. wrapped in blanket.. on a winter night..

James ‘We would wish to adopt Chrisna.. such a sweet looking girl..  ‘

Melissa the  Mascot owner smiles…

Melissa ‘Chrisna is a miracle kid… ever since she came in.. our orphanage flourished’

James ‘my wife Nancy cannot conceive.. hence this decision..’

Nancy ‘she is such a sweet doll…’

Both Nancy and James complete formalities and take Chrisna

On their way from Austin to Houston..  it is raining heavily..

Chrisna is crying…

Nancy ‘we need to feed her..let us stop at a road side joint’

James ‘sure…’

Suddenly there is a car which comes at break neck speed and a girl is thrown out…

the car seems to be a very popular operator car…

James ‘hey.. she is bleeding’

Very few rush to see her..

James ‘we need to take her home’

Nancy ‘sure… but Chrisna is hungry.. ‘

James rush to  get some milk and bread and returns back and drives back home’

Nancy ‘am not sure.. whether it is right.. wrong.. but hope we do not land into mess’

the girl is unconscious.. and she is pregnant

James ‘we should take her to hospital and call police’

Nancy ‘yes..’

At hospital..  James completes formalities

Police ‘Sir.. thanks for informing us.. it is become a mess. FBI is the only official approach and these Cab Operators wish a different approach..’

James ‘am really unaware of what you are talking’

Police ‘she has been raped and thrown out’

James is shocked

Nancy is shivering

Chrisna is crying..

Nancy ‘am really not sure.. how this disruptive entrepreneur zeal will lead us where.. As investor never realized the implications’

Hospital Authority ‘we will discharge her.. have informed her family’

Çhrisna murmurs ‘Do not Drink’

All look shocked and look at her..

Nancy ‘what is she saying’

James looks at Chrisna






Story line

Frank as a director keeps thinking how scripts can be made more crisp and engaging audience is most important.. he calls his script writers to think of a story line which is unique and great..

Frank ‘lost and found, crime drama. chase humor, slapstick comedy, horror, revenge, love story.. have had enough of all that.. think of something new’

Jane ‘a 5 aged girl’s journey across globe and how she helps uniting all nations?’

Frank ‘are you crazy.. is this a plot?’

Jane ‘why not.. a web serial..  150 odd countries.. each country around 10 episodes.. why not 1500 episode serials..   it may continue for years”

Frank ‘why not 0 year, 1 year.. 2 year kid??’

Jane ‘because by age 5.. kid begins understanding characters’

Frank ‘it will be a very expensive serial’

Jane ‘why not… Hollywood can afford it’

Frank ‘common… it is expensive for them too’

Jane ‘we always make movies on problems,. dramatize it.. show results.. but have we ever made movies on solutions.. not many right’

Frank is silent

Jane ‘so do think over it.. else…’

Frank ‘what…’

Jane ‘PASSION FRAMEWORK will begin this… ‘

Frank ‘blogging is different.. writing story for entrepreneurship is different.. why will he wish to change focus’

Jane ‘may be if time permits.. story begins… may be there will be a mix of entrepreneurship and love.. may be some thing..  not sure’

Frank ‘let us see what happens next’


Left over

Shamik was in love with a girl Saira and an unfortunate incident where Saira lost her legs and Shamik decided to ditch her..

Rafi ‘Saira… I can support and marry you’

Both married.. and Rafi stood by Saira in thick and thin..

Saira ‘Rafi..  why do you take over anything which Shamik leaves in between’

Rafi smiles..

Rafi ‘Shamik is a bit selfish, wants many things for self, good communicator and has a knack to get good entities in his life.. whether it is friends or relation or clients.. but he looses out sustaining them… so why not leverage on it’

Saira ‘did you marry me for same reasons or sympathy wave?’

Rafi ‘Saira.. I always felt you have good potential.. you can do things on your own.. so what if you are handicapped.. good human you are.. and I love you too’

Saira ‘but he ditched me’

Rafi ‘god never questions on decisions of an only creates opportunities for one if other looses.. so finally someone will win and some one will loose.. in this case..  I won you and am happy about it.. if he finds a good match for self.. that may be a win for him too.. so chill pill’

Rafi leaves for work…

Saira thinks in her mind ‘hope some one creates initiatives for disabled human’