Troubled Soul

Troubled Soul can strike any time..

Mary never realized what hit her when her best friend who expired suddenly.. one day decides to come back in her life

Mary ‘you.. please.. why you back?’

Nancy ‘you need to give me your body for 2 weeks’

Mary ‘why?’

Nancy ‘he just made me sign off the term sheet.. cheated me emotionally, physically and mentally and all I believed it was love and.. then that night..’

Mary ‘what happened?’

Nancy ‘he just gave me some drink.. after I signed of the last cheque in his name and …’

Mary ‘will I not get troubled?’

Nancy ‘for my sake dear.. just 2 weeks’

Mary suddenly finds herself loaded

Mary drives to Robert’s house

Robert ‘Mary.. long time back.. how come you are here’

Mary smiles..

Mary ‘Nancy.. she sent me here’

Robert ‘oh her’s was a sad story.. she believed I cheated her and gulped poison and before I could safe her.. she was dead.. her mind was disturbed.. she could not face defeat.. she didn’t wish her equity to get diluted.. now how can i inform that startups usually need to let go money’

Mary’s face changes red

Robert is shocked

Robert ‘who is it?’

Before he realizes

Robert is killed

Nancy comes out to Mary

Nancy ‘Mary.. he could be right.. but then.. I never understood that ecosystem.. entrepreneurs ask money for doing something.. the investors want more.. they keep searching mote investors.. inflate valuation and then the hardworking entrepreneurs are left with nothing… it is sad…’

Mary ‘but why you killed him?’

Nancy ‘the soul got restless dear.. I was in love with him.. he was too.. but then how can he stay back and am gone.. so’

Before Mary could recover.. Nancy is gone..



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