Monkey Love Story

Falling in love is easy.

Staying in love difficult

Separating from Love most difficult

So a monkey who loved a girl, decided to become only a true friend as love remained same.. No questions of separation and no heat breaks as the monkey would be part and parcel of that girl in each wake of life…

So whenever she formed a new relation, the monkey greeted them with smile and warmth.

One day the monkey turned human.. and his heart began to beat for the girl…

The girl was in 2 minds.. how she expresses this new twist to her existing beloved..

She pleaded with monkey to only be friends…

The monkey had tears in his eyes and chose to again become a monkey.

The girl was very happy as she had the monkey again in her life

The monkey wondered.. does love really lead to heart breaks.. and he realized it indeed does.. so again he smiles and began laughing and hugged the girl with ease..

She too responded with a big kiss on his lips and her boy friend was smiling and clapping and even clicked a photo..

The monkey winked at the camera and the boy friend again clicked the camera..

the monkey wished to say ‘boy.. I am in her heart.. you are just physically with her’


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