Funky Tom has every thing going in his life well but for the lace which he just cannot tie on his shoes..

as a kid.. he had his sister put those ones.. but as a grown up guy.. he is unfortunately in an army camp where shoes need laces..

Tom ‘what mess am in.. neither I know to tie laces nor even knot a tie’

Mark laughs

Mark ‘why you got into army?’

Tom ‘just to understand war strategies’

Mark ‘why so?’

Tom ‘one of the problem with knots are that it needs to bond part of same cloth into two or three or multiple folds.. but there is a binding.. as I never was able to bind that, I wonder how come binding possible in a continent, island, country and so on… not possible’

Mark ‘hey boy.. you have become philosopher’

Tom ‘my father got blown in a warfare.. no pieces found.. some one just picks a gun and shoots so many at ransom… some vague reasons.. not known.. may be valid.. but the point is what is gone, is gone for ever…’

Mark ‘still not sure.. who ties your laces now?’

Tom ‘common have asked a small manufacturer to do that for me.. knotted ties and laces.. and have invested in that venture too.. you will be surprised how many struggle there..’

Mark ‘what next?’

Tom ”two souls get bonded for a cause.. heart says love.. mind says necessity.. heart says adjust.. mind says compromise and then the two souls keep being with each other… till one fine day… another heart comes and says love me too.. the bond breaks… each bond whether in tie or lace tends to get loosened up.. we need to only keep adjusting and making it tight again’

Mark ‘funky.. you smell bad.. all wish to loosen up a bond at some time or other and just be relaxed’

Tom ‘hence.. we all need to understand all bondages are temporary only in nature.. depends on us if we wish to tighten up the threads or loosen it up once in a while and again tighten up’

Mark ‘boy.. get back to work now’


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