Left over

Shamik was in love with a girl Saira and an unfortunate incident where Saira lost her legs and Shamik decided to ditch her..

Rafi ‘Saira… I can support and marry you’

Both married.. and Rafi stood by Saira in thick and thin..

Saira ‘Rafi..  why do you take over anything which Shamik leaves in between’

Rafi smiles..

Rafi ‘Shamik is a bit selfish, wants many things for self, good communicator and has a knack to get good entities in his life.. whether it is friends or relation or clients.. but he looses out sustaining them… so why not leverage on it’

Saira ‘did you marry me for same reasons or sympathy wave?’

Rafi ‘Saira.. I always felt you have good potential.. you can do things on your own.. so what if you are handicapped.. good human you are.. and I love you too’

Saira ‘but he ditched me’

Rafi ‘god never questions on decisions of an individual..it only creates opportunities for one if other looses.. so finally someone will win and some one will loose.. in this case..  I won you and am happy about it.. if he finds a good match for self.. that may be a win for him too.. so chill pill’

Rafi leaves for work…

Saira thinks in her mind ‘hope some one creates initiatives for disabled human’


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