Chrisna is a sweet looking 5 year old kid who has just learnt to begin speaking..

In orphanage where multiple kids exist, some named, some nameless, Chrisna too arrived at MASCOT orphanage 4 years back.. wrapped in blanket.. on a winter night..

James ‘We would wish to adopt Chrisna.. such a sweet looking girl..  ‘

Melissa the  Mascot owner smiles…

Melissa ‘Chrisna is a miracle kid… ever since she came in.. our orphanage flourished’

James ‘my wife Nancy cannot conceive.. hence this decision..’

Nancy ‘she is such a sweet doll…’

Both Nancy and James complete formalities and take Chrisna

On their way from Austin to Houston..  it is raining heavily..

Chrisna is crying…

Nancy ‘we need to feed her..let us stop at a road side joint’

James ‘sure…’

Suddenly there is a car which comes at break neck speed and a girl is thrown out…

the car seems to be a very popular operator car…

James ‘hey.. she is bleeding’

Very few rush to see her..

James ‘we need to take her home’

Nancy ‘sure… but Chrisna is hungry.. ‘

James rush to  get some milk and bread and returns back and drives back home’

Nancy ‘am not sure.. whether it is right.. wrong.. but hope we do not land into mess’

the girl is unconscious.. and she is pregnant

James ‘we should take her to hospital and call police’

Nancy ‘yes..’

At hospital..  James completes formalities

Police ‘Sir.. thanks for informing us.. it is become a mess. FBI is the only official approach and these Cab Operators wish a different approach..’

James ‘am really unaware of what you are talking’

Police ‘she has been raped and thrown out’

James is shocked

Nancy is shivering

Chrisna is crying..

Nancy ‘am really not sure.. how this disruptive entrepreneur zeal will lead us where.. As investor never realized the implications’

Hospital Authority ‘we will discharge her.. have informed her family’

Çhrisna murmurs ‘Do not Drink’

All look shocked and look at her..

Nancy ‘what is she saying’

James looks at Chrisna






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