Best of self

Best of self

one day a cute little kid well dressed is walking on the road. he meets a youth who too is well dressed and smiles..

Youth ‘school?’

Kid smiles

Youth ‘am going to office’

Kid ‘it is too boring to keep presenting self the way the world wishes to see us’

Youth is zapped

Youth ‘from where such big talks..’ He loosens his tie

Kid too loosens his tie

Kid ‘am fed up of school’

Youth ‘i too fed up of routine work’

Kid ‘have a football..  can we play?’

Youth is surprised.. he is now ruffled his hair too

Both move to nearest vacant ground and begin playing football

After few hours

Youth ‘what next’

Kid ‘i want to see that animation film’

Both go to theater and watch it

Late afternoon

Kid ‘thanks.. what is your name?’

Youth ‘Joy’

Kid  ‘am Mark..’

Joy ‘what is your father’s name?’

Kid ‘Alan.. he has a large publishing firm in NY.. Capstan’

Joy’s head is reeling

Joy ‘hey.. i work there only’

Kid ‘ok .. will keep this a secret.. but promise once every month, you need to bunk office for me’

Joy ‘Mark.. not knowing what to do… anyways.. bye for now’

Mark is giggling.


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