Issues for nothing

Startups have issues for nothing

Samuel ‘no money.. no further goals’

Martin the VC firm staff ‘so fully dependent on investors… why so’

Samuel ‘we believe we did our part.. a nice product.. but accelerator never helped us get clients’

Martin ‘ridiculous.. do not set such expectations’

Samuel ‘they promised it’

Martin ‘they promised good network, reach, partners’

Samuel ‘still want to exit.. can you help me sell it off’

Martin ‘great.. we do everything for you.. and you call yourself entrepreneur’

Samuel ‘sorry.. but you are just creating issue for nothing.. am just asking you our normal expectations..  you invest and ask us our exit route.. hence want to inform you.. most of entrepreneurs do say they will exit.. but really rely on venture capitalists and P/E firms only for exit.. so it is upto you’

10 days latter

Martin ‘Boy… am exiting the VC firm.. am starting my own venture.. best of lucks.. got tired to be a sandwich between entrepreneur and investors’


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