Love Pain

Tom an ace musician… had built lots of fame, name for self.. but there is a bitter past in his life..

A decade back…

Tom ‘none bothers to read my lyric too.. am screwed up.. not having money to fend for self ..   ‘

Jane ‘why don’t you sell of your lyrics.. ghost name.. some one else will put their name.. you do get paid’

Tom ‘but what about my creativity?’

Jane ‘living life is more important’

2 days later Tom sells of his lyric for 100$ each

Jane ‘happy… both of us are living together.. why we cannot stabilize self’

At night…

Tom reads a message in Jane’s mobile

Message ‘I am giving you 1000$ each for those lyrics… so hope you convince him to write more.. your best beloved sweetheart  Charles’

Tom is shocked…

Next day

Tom ‘I think.. I will sell my lyrics for only US$3000.. nothing less then that…’

Jane ‘not possible dear… I am just helping you out.. you never give meaning to our friendship’

Tom ‘you may be betraying me too.. who knows’

Jane ‘common.. you do not know what am doing for you..’

Before Jane reacts… Tom slits her face and goes back…

4 days later…

In court

Jane ‘I was bloody saving US$900 for him to have his own album.. ‘

Tom is pained…

Tom ‘Am sorry Jane.. I never knew this’

Jane ‘forgive him.. if he repents it suits me’

Together they release an album ‘Love Pain’.

It becomes a big success…

Tom addresses the audience

‘Never misunderstand the intent of your beloved unless you really feel cheated.. I almost lost Jane.. but she forgave me and hence have reached to his position..  my music startup has raised US$1M recently.. both of us are founders.. hope to see more success in time to come’





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