I told you so

Mary ‘I told you so.. don’t join that company’

Sarah ‘they were paying me well.. attractive incentive.. never knew they would just shut down their operations’

Mary ‘many a time an entrepreneur makes projections assuming the investor funds would suffice.. but with no traction.. no revenues..  investors begin pressurizing for either exit or CEO change.. so’

Sarah ‘am now stranded.. EMI and so on’

Mary  ‘never take loans in your 1st two years of career.. as you are yet to settle’

Sarah ‘how I recover?’

Mary ‘in case you have too many liabilities, then better you seek another employment’

3 months later

Sarah ‘I left the MNC.. too much work pressure.. could not cope with it’

Mary smiles

Mary ‘you do not wish to be subordinated’

Sarah ‘possible..’

Mary ‘think of small business.. I will sponsor you upto US$10000’

Sarah ‘thinking to start an ethnic fashion online website’

Mary ‘great.. move ahead’

Sarah ‘sometimes we just loose focus and never realize what we actually wish to do.. ‘

Mary ‘hence you need coach, mentors else one wrong decision and career gets hampered’

Sarah ‘provided the mentor is confident of self and has experiences to guide others’

Mary smiles.. and gives Sarah a cup of coffee in a mug neatly written ‘I told you so’

Sarah ‘why you have this written in your mug’

Mary ‘it reminds me and cautions me on each decision of mine.. ‘




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