full time pass

Mini is struggling to spend time as she is on Sunday..

her husband is busy with his lap top.

Mini is wondering what she needs to do..

she calls up her friend Rose and says ‘let us do time pass’

Rose ‘chill pill.. coming soon and picking you up.. we will visit victoria garden’

10 minutes later Rose reaches Mini’s house

Mini and Rose get to garden.. and keep seeing couples and kids across..

All enjoying

Mini ‘my husband is always busy’

Rose ‘forget them dear.. life is not about thinking only of husbands but what we wish to do to..  let us go to the amusement park near and enjoy’

Both of them are on merry-go-round wheels enjoying.. nature..

Rains come in… both get drenched.. and come closer..

Rose ‘never realized why we wish to always be so engrossed in family matters.. life is about doing time pass too.. with our dear friends’

Mini kisses Roses’s forehead

Mini ‘do you know what comes in my mind when I see you in merry go round’

Rose ‘what?’

Mini ‘i feel we both are like kids.. we seem to have lost it with focused attention to family.. time to rewind and get our own freedom..  what about next weekend?’

Rose ‘let us pack and get going.. adventure trip…’

Mini ‘wow.. ‘

Mini returns back home

Her husband is just munching dinner

Husband ‘how was your day?’

Mini hugs him.. and smiles ‘enjoyed.. thorough full time pass’

Husband ‘dear.. i give you all space.. just enjoy.. am with you always.. you know our IT life.. hectic.. madness but show must go on’


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