ATAL Startup Startup Incubators

With so many startup incubators mushrooming all over the world. I wonder where will we find so many babies (Startups)

Here I am focused on my research on incubation practices globally and found the key success for any incubator is not on number of graduates coming out of those incubation centers, but how many have succeeded in attracting investors.

I got into this virtual incubation mode and with 750 plus entrepreneurs connected to me, numerous angels, investors somewhere connected to me.. I always wonder..

Wonder: The Zeal for mentoring? Who will bring that? Who will wish to really be with the startup ecosystem zealously growing that venture with multiple gaps in the industry-academic interfaces?

We are in strange situation where multiple billion investments already done by corporate in their on going initiatives and there is also multiple startups trying to explore those technologies or working around them to build solution platform..  There will be whole lot of new experiments and innovations which may or may not have takers..

If any country is thinking of 100 incubators and each incubator will have 100 enrolments per year, it means a milestone for 10000 startups  and if all of these need to get blessings of initial investments of may be US$10000, it means US$100000000 needed

Will this really happen without a structured process framework?

This is where have evolved a methodology, an approach for incubators to follow and move in structured way.

Am getting some good results from my experiments.. Time will say if it indeed is a successful model..

Even to reach a 5% success is not going to be too easy..

All like minded investors, professionals, incubators who are truly interested to understand the dynamics of incubation…

Get going..

PASSION FRAMEWORK is all about Probing-Innovating-Acting-Scoping-Setting-Owning and Nurturing startups..

I am really not sure which Investor really wishes to invest in frameworks.. Have found many weird answers

‘Invest only in product company’

‘Invest only in companies with proven service model popular in International Market’

but thankful to many of my well wishers who are from all walk of life, the framework in its entertaining format entertain 98 countries..

and there are multiple more things happening around this framework.

Keep you posted..again to entertain you back as usual with some stories, dramas, thrills and poems..

What about ones who just do not have any infrastructure to experiment with? will they never get a chance to groom entrepreneurs?  or will some risk taking government really have courage to experiment?



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