Relation thread

Relation thread is one where you may have answers to all your questions but a few will still not be clear still.

Sandra a happy go lucky person has only one grudge

‘Why her father not there with her when she needed him most? during a school award function when she was given the best prize for her performances

Her mom Ruby tries to make Sandra understand that he has left them for good.. far away up but Sandra refuses to come out of that shock

Ruby ‘baring for this lament, she is happy.. her father met with an accident when he was rushing to see her performance’

As days pass by Sandra awaits a person who can help her grow in life..

One day she finds James a poet explaining his poems to group of his friends in a garden

‘Relation thread of mine

it stretched for a while

it broke after a while

Relation thread of mine

I took a thread thicker this time

it stretched for a while

it remain unbroken after a while

The thread of binding

needs to be strong

An emotional connect

A smiling loving content

Happiness can be renewed

Life can be renewed

All which is gone

were meant to be gone

All which is coming

is meant to be coming

Why you lament

if you are happy otherwise

remain happy all the while?

Sandra reaches out to James and looks at his eyes

James ‘hey beautiful.. tell me what can I do for you?’

Sandra ‘just be my friend as of now’

James holds Sandra’s hand..

Sandra feels some sensation unexplained

at home she pens a thought

‘I never recovered from a shock but when I sat to think.. I realized what is gone, is gone.. what will come, will come.. why crib for what is gone.. may the departed ones remain happy in their life’








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