Think Global Act Local

Sam ‘one of the MANTRA’s I always tell is think global.. act Local’

Sam ‘reasons for this is .. my successful love story. As a teenage was so carried away with international movies, and for while I was enamored by those beautiful women out there.. and till Siya came in my life’

Sam ‘Siya.. the local neighbor who cared for me like no one.. she was always there.. but I never saw any meaning in seeing her… ‘

Sam ‘many things which we wish to have.. is all out there near by.. just get going’

The college audience begins laughing..

One of the student

Student ‘Sir.. but our college do not allow love affairs.. very strict.. hence we are caught up with face book and whatsapp affairs’

Sam ‘no worries dear…  do not go overboard.. be cautious in your relation.. all will be fine..  and who knows you may just be chatting with your neighbor..’ and bursts out laughing

All burst out laughing

Sam ‘so take away for you is to think globally.. have vision.. try to get the best of desired wish list.. and may be you may have the nearest match locally’

Sam ‘Siya always thought locally and acted globally.. and guess what?’

All ‘what?’

Sam ‘she created meetups for lovers.. and it is flourishing.. her startup unites lovers’

All clap their hands loudly..

Siya steps in

Siya ‘all who are heartbroken.. just reach out to us.. we help you always.. and are with you always’


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